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I am still alive!

I’ve been having one hell of a time adjusting to my new work schedule. Not to mention, I’m working 40 hours a week at that 12am-8am shift. I like the job, but it’s exhausting, and I’m still trying to learn how to balance life with it. I’ve been writing, though, and I have about 20k words for the newest version of Seize the Day. I haven’t written anything (yet) today, and I’m going to try to get in at least 750 words so I can say just above the NaNoWriMo quotas. On my days off, I tend to find enough time to bang out about 4-5k, so those days have been helping me stay caught up.

This has just shown me that I CAN in fact write while working full-time, and I can continuously hit my personal writing goals. I just wish I worked a different shift, at this point. It is what it is, however. I actually worked last night, so I’m starting to feel the urge to collapse for 20 minutes. 

My characters continue to astound me, however. Jazz and Savin are moving so quickly — it’s all lust and love at first sight with them and it’s so weird, because every version of this story I’ve written so far, they’ve had to wait to be together. Now? Not so much. I’ve learned that the one night stand I’ve always seen them have is 100% true, and that it was Jazz who initiates their initial encounter. 

Savin, however, is pretty much immediately smitten and is the one who pushes for a more emotional connection. Which, of course, will make things more tragic as I continue to write this. We’ll see how it goes, though. I’m almost entirely winging this. I’m letting the characters guide the way, as it should be, when I write a first draft. They like to tell me the way, a lot of the time. 🙂

A snippet, of Jazz and Savin being… well, themselves:

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Still working on the last installment of the Say What You Want series. I wrote another 1100 of it so far today and might not get a chance to add much more to it, either. However, it’s a start, and tomorrow I have my full child-free time. My first day on the job is Sunday night — I’m working 12-8am, every other night for my first week. I’m sure my second week’ll be a little different. Training and all that needing to be done and all. 

I am starting to figure out exactly how this piece ends — though I’m a little surprised it’s ending that way. Then again, this is what my characters do, so I shouldn’t be that surprised. And then once it’s complete, I’ll start trying to compile everything together. Vicky & Mordecai part 3 should go up tomorrow — just have to get the title page and the copyright page done and then it’s going up on Amazon. 

Part of me is borderline freaking out about this huge upheaval in my schedule, but I’ll find a way to work around it. I’m going to have to figure out how I’m going to write on the days where I have work — and how I’m going to get enough sleep. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If I have to like permanently keep myself awake at night or keep weird wake-up times, I will. 

But I will keep writing and I will keep producing stories. I just need to figure out what my next erotic romance piece will be. 🙂 Until then, enjoy this chunk of Say… (still untitled) I wrote today. 😀

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The Great Debate, part 2

With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, I told myself I was going to figure everything I needed to figure out about the Tomorrow Trilogy prior to resuming writing any of Seize the Day. I’ve spoken to a couple of other writers in an effort to get the ol’ brain moving.

Ryin IS getting removed. So is the Natural Born subplot. That leaves me with focusing on Jazz, Savin, and Mitchel. The Empire? Stays. Jazz can be next in line like Ryin was; he could also be eschewing his duties as next in line, in favor of living a life he’d prefer to live.  Except as the story progresses, he’ll get more and more involved in politics.

A friend of mine, Jen from Just Another Blog, suggested doing one big outline that’s composed of all of the major points from across the whole series. It was something I already intended on doing, because I need to have a good grasp of this so I can figure out where Gray Morning really fits in. She also suggested that maybe that was the first book. I informed my other writerly friend Sarah from A Place that Does Not Exist of this idea, who was like maaaaaaaaybe that could work compared to my OH FUCK NO.

…Yes, I sometimes have harsh reactions. I can be stubborn, especially when it comes to this particular series. Gray Morning was never intended to be book #1. Too much of Jazz and Savin’s backstory would simply get brushed aside and crammed in if it was.

However, I started my outlining process by attempting to figure out the character/relationship related story-lines, first. Not necessarily in any order, because that’s not how these things come to me at times, but the character stuff is the backdrop that’ll determine the Empire-related stuff. I’m not big on symbolism, but the Empire has ALWAYS represented the progression of Jazz and Savin’s relationship to me, especially in Gray Morning when everything is falling apart. 

There’s also Jazz’s history with Mitchel, and Savin’s (lack of) knowledge of it, because those things are vital to Savin and Mitchel’s antagonistic relationship. And Sarah presented a good question to me — just how much of it do I need to show? Do I really need to show Jazz and Mitchel’s relationship from the beginning, or can I start towards the end of it? Do I have to show the whole progression of Jazz and Savin’s relationship? 

For Jazz and Mitchel, starting at the end of it is probably best. Jazz, of course, is still struggling with his role in the Empire at that point. He’s only (some age between 25 and 28), his Uncle (maybe his father; I’m still undecided about that aspect of things, right now) is pushing him to become more involved with the Empire. Obviously, he doesn’t want to. Politics just isn’t for him; he’s grown up with it since day one and hates it. Not entirely sure how he and Mitchel met, but Mitchel’s ten years older than he is, and has a hefty political career. I’m going to assume they met that way, and started dating.

The big thing with them was that Mitchel never wanted to be “out” about their relationship. Difficult to do when you work together, right? So Jazz is getting to the point where he’s fed up with it. I think this is where Savin enters the picture — how Jazz and Savin meet, I’m not entirely sure. Before it was through a coincidence, but I’m not sure how much I’m liking that, anymore. Or well, not the coincidence I went with, originally, anyway. 

I also want to change Savin’s relationship with Mari. Her being his ex isn’t really working with me; or at least, the drama surrounding a previously passed breakup doesn’t sit so well with me, anymore. I do like them being ex’s that had enough time to heal to become great friends; that was their dynamic by the time Gray Morning hit, anyway. Why not just start there? 

So I’m slowly figuring these things out, character-wise. I think Jazz doesn’t actually become Emperor until he and Savin are already together, but I think it happens a lot sooner than I planned. Essentially, they get together, Jazz is made Emperor, and then a few months down the line, Jazz proposes. He wants a partner to help him run the Empire; his Council (including Mitchel) isn’t enough help. Those years he spent shunning his responsibilities are catching up to him, and now the Empire is starting to fall apart. 

There’s an anti-Empire movement growing, too, by this point. Savin doesn’t know whether he wants to accept Jazz’s proposal — marriage is legal for everyone, but once Savin marries Jazz, he knows his career path is going to take a hit — being the Emperor’s husband (and therefore Emperor, himself) means practicing medicine will be out of the picture. Medicine is Savin’s life. You know how some people throw themselves into work because work is the best thing ever? That’s what medicine is for him. Jazz knows that. Jazz promises Savin he won’t have to give medicine up.

Except things start getting worse; the Resistance has a name, now. And demands for the Empire itself. And Jazz can’t keep his promise to Savin, and —

Well, now I sorta figured out how to get to the meat of Gray Morning‘s story. I guess I needed to story vom a bit. 🙂

As a bonus for following along this far, here’s some of the next part of Vicky & Mordecai. 😉

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Dreams, man.

So at around six this morning, I finally wake up from this weird, nightmare-esque dream I was having. I got thrown 100 years into the future, post a zombie-apocalypse. Things were mostly under control, but my family were lost to the sands of time. The world basically learned how to cope with the zombies — who themselves aren’t dangerous. It’s those who were in the middle of transforming that were — because those who were just infected were the only ones who could infect others, etc. It was really quite interesting. 

Immediately, I snatched up my phone. Took notes on what I could remember about the dream. Which at that point in time, was a lot. I’ve done this once before, where I was pretty much just handed all of the world-building because of a dream I had. It was glorious.

I decided that this story idea would be my NaNo project this year. I wanted to work on something that was unrelated to my work (the smut), or TT. Mainly because I have something like 12k of Seize the Day written already and I’m not 100% on how long it’s actually going to be with the changes I’ve made. But I did write a small, 800ish word piece based on this idea, which is shown below. I also worked on chapter 6 of Seize the Day and got most of it done, but I have to get up at like 5am tomorrow, so I’m not gonna be finishing it tonight. Damn. Oh well. I am pleased with this short piece, though:

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I am battling this nice little head cold that wants to take root in my sinuses and grow and inflame them and take them over. Over the weekend I wrote about 1300-1400 words total, including a drabble which was part of a scene building exercise for writerverse, over on LJ. I also finished another chapter of Stellar, which may be getting retitled to The Stellar Challenge, but I’m not 100% sure yet. It’s a speculative fiction novel that takes place after the seven main characters die and have to complete this Challenge in order to get a second chance into Heaven.

I have a lot of fun with the concept for it, but I struggle a lot with the particulars of the book, itself. With so many characters to juggle, not to mention their back stories, how their lives impacted them as a person now. It’s really fascinating stuff, but winging it has only taught me so much. I’m still learning a lot about the characters, and hopefully I can keep punching out a chapter here and there and see how it goes.

I tried, and have succeeded, in hitting 1000 words for today, despite this fucking cold. It’s actually a smut crossover I was writing for myself and a friend of mine, but I may change the names and sell it on Amazon because sure, why not? Or maybe put it up on Smashwords, see what happens there. I don’t foresee this one being very long, and right now I can’t put up any of my other erotica short stories up on there until their enrollment in KDP Select expires. 

But really, this cold is kicking my ass and I need to get back to work. At least for a little bit. Here is the drabble I will expand once the next writerverse challenge gets posted:


Savin glanced at his phone. furrowing his brow. Mari’s text flashed across the screen: In labor. NEED YOU NOW. His heart stopped as he pocketed the phone. He faced the man in front of him. “I’m sorry — my fiancee’s in –”

The words caught in his throat, refusing to pass his lips. He shook his head. He needed to remain professional. “Mr. Callahan’s in recovery room three.”

“Thank you, Doctor…”

“Bates,” Savin supplied for him, offering him a tight-lipped smile. His phone grew heavy and hot in his pocket. He needed to leave. 

Mari was only twenty-one weeks pregnant.