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Say It’s Not Over

(This is the final part of the Say What You Want series)

Dustin Fenton is left with a choice: to continue his two year relationship with Jess, or to end it in pursuit of Shawn Baker, a man who could literally give him everything he ever asked for. 

When Jess kicks Dustin out of their apartment, demanding that Dustin really thinks about what he wants, Dustin finds himself calling Shawn one last time. After all, where else does Dustin have left to go? He doesn’t have any family, and he has so few friends, and all of them know Jess. But is it really a good idea for him to see Shawn again? 

(Forgive me for not updating more frequently, my new job is kicking my butt. <3)

Clearly, I need more time to myself

I started looking over what I wrote of Say No More, the next installment of Say What You Want, this morning at 9am on the dot.

Finished reading through it in 15 minutes or so (I’m a slow reader), and started writing. Stopped at 10:40 (or just after).

Two thousand words in that time frame. Which is my daily goal. Granted, I’m exhausted, and haven’t really written anything but a few lines here and there since, but damn. When I don’t have a child to watch I can certainly be productive and get more writing done in a day. Mondays will be shot, starting next week, but having Tuesday-Friday every week where I write as much as I can while my child is at preschool is a good thing. I’m hoping to develop a routine of sorts. I’m always my most productive between 9 and 11am, anyway. Which works great for me. 🙂

The fact that I will also have at least an hour or two to myself in the evenings, now, will help tremendously as well. Of course, I’m shot by about 9pm, most days, but I can try, no?

Enough rambling from me. Here’s the snippet for the day: (Warning, explicit content within)

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