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Say You’ll Let Me

It’s up already. 😉 

It’s predessor: Say Please. Both are erotica, both involve men playing with other men, and both were a lot of fun to write. Book 3 (still untitled for the moment) may be a little less fun. There’s actual “plot.” 😉


Seriously, Brain?

As I was in the middle of the last-minute edits of Say You’ll Let Me (which is now in review on amazon and should be published sometime tomorrow morning, by my estimate), my brain suddenly sparked an idea for one of my Idol topics.

I said okay, fine. I’ll reread the old entry I want to base this idea off of. Further spark of inspiration. Decided to run with it, wrote a small entry of about 470 words. Told myself well, I actually like this, so let me go ahead and freewrite something for the other topic, slap something up there, and call it a day. I mean, two topics, had since Friday afternoon to write them, and they were due 12 minutes ago. I started at around 1pm, finished by 3:15pm, and read Shingeki No Kyojin’s newest manga chapter afterwards. Once I was done reading, I went back and finished up my edits.

So it’s been a productive day — especially when I didn’t expect to write anything, really. So here’s what I submitted for one of my topics: %($)#*^#


She breathed in through her nose, her eyes focusing somewhere beyond the easel that stood before her. Her painting stood before her, a colorful beacon amongst the drab, dusty bricks that comprised the attic. As she closed her eyes, she released her breath, no longer wanting to hold it captive within her chest. Her fingers twitched, the weight of the brush preventing them from moving fully.

In a few moments, he would come up the stairs. In a few moments, he would want to see what she had accomplished that day. Her chest heaved and tears fought their way to the surface. She bit her lip. She wouldn’t cry. Not now. Not when she had come so far. Not when she had finished a piece for the first time in ages.

She wiped her brow, careful not to smudge the wayward paint that had found its home on her fingertips. She breathed in again, this time to steady herself as she looked over her painting one last time. No flaws from what she could see. No color that could be brighter. Slowly, she placed her brush back down. Her fingers furled at her sides, her shoulders tensing at the sound of the attic door opening.

“What do we have here today?” he asked, his voice a low rumble, like that of an incoming storm.

She didn’t answer. Instead, she stepped away from the easel, giving him plenty of space to move forward. He was a large man, his eyes wide and expressive. She kept her hands at her sides; kept her back straight and her lip free from underneath her teeth. 

Those black eyes of his narrowed, a slight frown twisting his features. A hand flew to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully as he picked the canvas up from the easel. Her heart changed its cadence, one faster and harder than its normal fare. Sweat beaded on her brow, though she could at least blame that on the stuffy, poorly ventilated attic instead of nerves. 

“Not good enough.”

Tears stung her eyes, but she blinked them away. Not good enough meant it was better than usual. Meant that she might avoid a punishment. Meant that she might get to sleep in a bed instead of the harsh floor of the attic. 

“Did you paint anything else today?”

She swallowed thickly, turning her eyes to the remnants of the painting she had deemed unworthy hours ago. The wood stretching the canvas had split; she could still hear the resounding crack it had made. “No, sir,” she dared to answer, focusing her eyes on him instead. If he knew…

His frown deepened. His eyes flickered over to the far wall, to the place she had looked at only seconds before. Those eyes of his hardened as he opened his mouth to speak: 

“Then where’s the second canvas I gave you?”


…the writing portion of getting Say You’ll Let Me up and ready for Amazon, anyway. I still need to go back through it and lightly edit/have my bff read through it and give me suggestions. In the meantime, I figured out my next editing project to put up for sale on Amazon. It’s a Fuck or Die kind of story that I wrote a couple of months back, and I think I can tweak it to make it stand alone enough without it having any connection to my trilogy.

I’ve decided that right now, any and all other writing is on hiatus until I get a sizeable bibliography going on Amazon. I need to focus on “work,” while looking for work, etc. I want to properly plan all my books and I think it’s time to focus on an individual book and cook up ideas for the Trilogy when the mood strikes. The Tomorrow Trilogy is my baby, and I want it to be good. It’ll obviously never be perfect but I want a tighter plot and I want to work on my character arcs, etc.

I’m feeling pretty good-ish today, so there’s that. I actually didn’t write all that many words (just shy of 700), but I finished a thing, started the process of editing another thing, and am about to start going through Say You’ll Let Me so I can have it up for sale by Friday. 😀


Jess nodded, managing a soft smile towards Dustin as Dustin sat back in his seat with a wince. Without thinking, Jess leaned against his boyfriend and slung an arm over his shoulders. “That was really hot,” Jess breathed in Dustin’s ear.

Dustin’s face turned red and he crossed his arms over his chest. “So is this official now?” he asked hoarsely. He cleared his throat. “You gonna contact me whenever you wanna see me next?”

Shawn smiled, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “Once every couple of weeks or so, yes, I will,” he answered. “If at any point either one of you wish to break off the arrangement, let me know. I don’t want to cause any conflicts between the two of you.” He pushed himself away from the desk and walked over towards Jess, offering his hand yet again. “Have I made myself clear?”

Jess slipped his hand inside Shawn’s own and gave as firm of a handshake as he could manage. “You have, Shawn,” he said quietly.

Shawn then offered his hand to Dustin, who took it grudgingly. Shawn’s smile morphed into a smirk, his fingers lingering inside Dustin’s own. He bent forward, whispering something in Dustin’s ear before pulling away from him entirely. “We have ourselves a deal, then, gentlemen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some business I need to attend to. You can see yourselves out, can’t you?”

Jess and Dustin both stood up without a word and made their way out of Shawn’s office. Once they were out of view, Dustin reached for Jess’s hand and squeezed it. “You really okay with this, dude?” he asked as they walked through the halls of Shawn’s mansion. “Don’t wanna upset you or anything.”

Smiling, Jess squeezed Dustin’s hand back. “Of course, dude! I know how much you really want this — and it’s just sex, anyway, y’know? It’s not like you’ll be dating him or anything like that — and he’d really only see you like, twice a month or whatever, so that’s fine, too. I just want you to be happy, y’know?”

“Yeah, but –”

“Don’t worry about, okay?” Jess said, cutting off Dustin’s protest and pulling him close. He brushed the loose strands of Dusin’s hair out of his face. “Like I said, if I have a problem with things, I’ll let you and Shawn know. Besides — it was really hot getting to watch the two of you together like that.”

Dustin nodded, catching his bottom lip with his teeth as he looked away from Jess. “If you say so, dude. Just don’t want you getting hurt, y’know?”

“I know,” Jess said, leaning in to kiss Dustin’s cheek. “It’ll be fine, Dustin! I promise.”

Except Jess couldn’t quite shake the look Dustin and Shawn had shared moments ago, nor could he forget the way Dustin had seemed to forget about Jess’s existence in Shawn’s presence. Those things didn’t mean anything, right?

At least, that’s what Jess told himself.

Late Starts

The past few days, I can only start writing after the morning’s already flew by me. Dunno what it is, or what’s causing that particular block, but that’s what’s going on. Mornings used to be the most productive part of the day for me. I’m still getting things done, just not writing anything during that time, anymore. I’m not sure that I like it.

I’m sure if I end up getting this job, that might change. Who knows. I certainly don’t. There’s one interview process tomorrow and another a week or so from now. I’m not holding my breath for it because ugh, day jobs, but I need one, the sooner, the better.

But I did write more of Say You’ll Let Me, which is shaping up to be 1-2k words shorter than its predecessor, Say Please. Which is kinda good. I have every intention of writing 2 more books that’ll fill out the rest of this series’ “plot.” Sexy, sexy plot. I think I’ll finish writing it by Friday. I think. If I can keep up this pace for a couple of more days.

A snippet:


“You weren’t kidding,” Shawn muttered, glancing at Jess around the edge of his glasses. “He really does like pain.”

Jess nodded, resisting the urge to lick his lips as Shawn wrapped his fingers around Dustin’s shaft. Even when jerking Dustin off, Shawn’s motions were entirely controlled. Dustin’s eyes fluttered shut as he arched his back, hands grasping to pull Shawn closer. When Shawn knelt in front of Dustin and spread his legs wider, Jess pulled himself free again from his jeans.

Jess hadn’t ever heard Dustin groan so loudly with pleasure before as Shawn’s mouth swallowed him whole. Each dip of Shawn’s mouth remained shallow and he teased the tip of Dustin’s cock with his tongue in between each one. The image before Jess was more than enough for him to need release himself. He made sure not to move his hand too quickly; he had a feeling he might want to hold off on his own orgasm as long as possible.

He didn’t know how long Shawn teased Dustin with just his mouth, but Jess watched intently as the same two fingers pushed inside Dustin yet again. Dustin yelped in pain, his legs tensing around Shawn’s head. He matched his own hand’s movements to those of Shawn’s fingers and mouth — which is to say he jerked himself off as slowly as possible.

“S-Stop fucking t-teasing me,” Dustin said with a shudder, propping himself up with his hands behind him. He looked over at Jess, a pleading look on his face. “J-Jess, tell him to fuck me already.”

Jess heard Shawn chuckle, which then caused Dustin to gasp and close his eyes. Jess found himself grinning. “How close are you?” he asked.

Dustin’s already flushed face turned even redder. He opened his mouth to speak, but a groan in disappointment left it instead as Shawn pulled his mouth away from him entirely. “Too close,” Shawn purred, letting his hand glide over Dustin’s cock. His fingers kept up their pace, thrusting in and out of Dustin hard enough to make Dustin jump with pleasure. Shawn began alternating kisses and bites along Dustin’s neck and shoulders. “If you wanna come, Dustin, you know what you have to say.”

Dustin glared at Shawn as he bit back another moan, his hips now rocking in time with Shawn’s fingers. Jess’s heart pounded even harder in his chest as he tightened his hand around his cock. Something about the look Shawn and Dustin shared caused his breath to hitch in his chest, if only for a moment. Both men were so intent, so focused on one another, Jess wasn’t even sure they realized they had an audience anymore.

“Please,” Dustin begged, naked desperation lacing his voice. “Please fuck me until I — I come.”

No Rest for the Weary

I didn’t get much sleep last night because a good friend wanted to drag me out of the house and get my mind off of my personal problem/deteriorating mental health. Which was good. It allowed me to have some much-needed fun and get away from my almost-4-year old for a bit. But it didn’t give me much time to write, so I didn’t write much of anything yesterday. Roughly 200 words, which is better than nothing.

Today, however, I wrote something close to 1500-1600 words. This is the most I’ve written in a day in about a week, I think. Maybe longer. It’s a huge accomplishment, and it’s for my next erotica short, which is even better. The Idol entries have been put on the back burner; I’m pretty sure I’m deadline-daying both of those. If I do both of them at all. Idol’s a lot of work, I’m not entirely sure I can keep up, and I went a lot further with my alt than I thought I would.

I’m not out-right quitting, because I refuse to quit, but it’s become more work than fun, which means my brain immediately triggers the “procrastinate for as long as possible.” I think I’m writing one entry on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got vague ideas forming for both but nothing is biting me on the ass. Too many other things going on for me, I guess. 

Without further ado, here is part of Say You’ll Let Me. Warning for sexual situations:


Shawn turned to Jess, his hands squarely on Dustin’s ass, now, and giving it a good squeeze. “I think Jess wants his show sooner rather than later, Dustin,” he said, lifting his hand off Dustin’s ass only to bring it back down on it hard. Dustin yelped, jumping under Shawn’s harsh touch. Jess felt his cock twitch at the sound of it. “Feel free to pleasure yourself while you watch, Jess. This show is for you, after all.”

Jess nodded, unable to trust his voice as Shawn pulled down Dustin’s pants, exposing Dustin’s backside entirely. “Does Dustin like pain?” Shawn asked. At his question, Dustin let out a sharp gasp and shook his head.

“He does,” Jess managed, a quiet giggle escaping his lips. Of course Dustin would try to deny it. “A lot.”

“Good,” Shawn breathed, his voice growing thick with lust. He groped Dustin again, and Jess found himself scooting his chair even closer so he could watch exactly what Shawn was doing. Shawn didn’t pay him any mind, his hand lifting off Dustin’s ass again with the other held Dustin’s hip steady. “You have good taste in asses, by the way,” Shawn remarked, flashing a smile at Jess before smacking Dustin all over again. The slap rung loudly in the air, but not as loud as Dustin’s cry of pain.

Shawn bent forward, kissing the small of Dustin’s back before trailing his tongue downward, teasing the crack of Dustin’s ass with it. He pushed Dustin’s legs even further apart and spread his cheeks wider with his hands. Dustin moaned, and Jess could see the way Dustin grasped at whatever he could on the desk, his eyes screwed shut. Shawn pleasured Dustin with his tongue, every swirl and dip of it as showy as the last as Dustin’s quiet moans grew louder by the minute.

Jess squirmed in his seat, rubbing his hand over the crotch of his jeans as he watched. Shawn chuckled, straightening himself out and cupping Dustin’s ass again. As he kneaded Dustin’s ass, he turned to glance at Jess. “You think he’ll beg for me to spank him?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“I don’t know,” Jess answered. His own breathing grew labored as he leaned back a bit in his seat. “I want him to,” he said, his cock aching at the thought.