So yesterday I forgot to post, which happens. I wrote yesterday — a whopping 2k in about an hour. Repeated the feat again today. I wrote a chapter of Seize the Day yesterday, which was wonderful. I didn’t really have this particular chapter on the outline — I realized as I was writing the previous chapter that what I had outlined and what my characters needed to do didn’t quite line up, so I figured I’d wing the entire chapter.

Guys, sometimes I forget that I’m really a Discovery Writer at heart. I am like Stephen King — to borrow his metaphor in On Writing (a memoir I suggest every writer should read), I get only a part of the fossil (the story idea). This idea or situation is what I sit down to write, and as I write, I discover the rest of it along the way. This causes some of my drafts to be rather chaotic and need a lot of cleaning — which is why I sat down and started another draft of Seize the Day. With some of the major changes I had made to the world the story takes place in, I have a lot I need to rework and rehash and rediscover.

Which is fine. I like it. It makes the words come easier. The characters do the talking. They tell me more things, define themselves better, which makes for a stronger piece of writing in the long run. Outlines are great; they really are. But I am not a writer that truly needs them. When cleaning up a draft? Sure. When writing the first one?

Please. That just kills my drive to write it. And the scene shown below? Totally unscripted. Not part of the outline at all. But 100%, absolutely necessary.

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