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New Year, “New” Projects

So. This year, I have set out to do lots of things to help further my potential writing career. I have joined a wonderful writing community known as Get Your Words Out over at livejournal with my personal journal. It’s what used to be my writing LJ, but with all things, it’s changed and evolved into something else entirely. I still post writing there; it’s just gotten less frequent than the entries that are far more personal and navel-gazing in nature.

Now, over at GYWO, you could pledge to writing various amounts of words over the course of 2015. The number of words I pledged to complete this year is 500k, and as of today, I am just 400 words over the “target” line. I have written 16.8k words so far, this year. Not bad, right?

Except I have writing goals other than simply spitting out 500k words in a 365 day period.

I want to submit at least three pieces to literary magazines. I want to resume my Amazon Self-Published Erotica biz, Erotica Pen Name included, by writing and publishing at least one piece to sell. Most likely, it would be me playing with the “Vicky and Mordecai” storyline, as I have a part 4 that’s been languishing at “half-finished” for about half a year, now. I want to finish the Second Draft of Gray Morning.

If anyone’s been paying attention — back in December, I was wrapping up the first book of my A New Day trilogy. Yes, trilogy. Because between December 23rd and today, January 12th, I not only decided, yes, I’m shelving One Day at a Time despite not having filled in those last 15kish words, but that there was, in fact, another book that took place after Gray Morning.

I wish I could say I wasn’t surprised. But I was. I mean, I sat here and began writing Gray Morning a few days before January 1st. It’s at approximately 24k words total. I think at about 15k in, I looked up from my screen, my eyes widening and me whispering, “Oh, no,” to myself. Because I realized that there was no way Gray Morning would be a satisfactory ending to the storyline. That there definitely was more storyline to explore, after a certain protagonist’s death.

But I have never seriously thought about plot-related things after Gray Morning either. At the same time, though, the world Jazz and Savin now inhabit has undergone so many changes. It’s not the same that it used to be. They’re not the same that they used to be. I mean, okay, they’re still themselves, and their story is still theirs, but just like me and their world, they evolve, too. They experience growth and change (and they should, if they’re going to be well-rounded characters).

I want 2015 to be a good year. I want it to be the best year. I want to get into a routine, I want to find a way to write for at least an hour every day, so I can try to stay on top of my word counts. I want to set aside larger blocks of time to get caught up when lack of sleep and time inevitably tank the lead I have on my goals at present. I want to finish this damn trilogy and begin editing it and reworking parts and finally know all of the pieces to it.

My best friend thought I might be pushing myself a little too hard when I mentioned that I wanted to finish the 8-10 novel ideas I have in my head at present before I turn 30. I turn 30 in approximately three years. That’s roughly 3-4 novels a year. 3-4 months spent on one novel at a time.

Doable. As long as I can, in fact, write for an hour every day. I also want to work on finding an agent and building my “platform” and getting myself out there.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll be on my way to a publishing contract in another couple of years or so.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Daily Report & Snippet



Apparently, my brain decided that it’s nearly the end of the month, and that I needed to finish things that I want to submit for publication AS QUICKLY AS FUCKING POSSIBLE.

Granted, I don’t mind it. I had two things that were due by June — one I’ve finished an am awaiting some beta feedback, and another that I’m working on currently. I had written a piece aptly titled “It Takes a Very Steady Hand” for The Real LJ Idol’s Exhibit A. It was the same piece that got me booted from the competition — but it was very much a solid piece of writing. The Exhibit A Crowd was just not the same as the Main Competition Crowd, where psychological horror and gore were not only accepted, but very well-received. Exhibit A Crowd? Not so much, apparently… 

Either way, I decided to expand it for a Spatterpunk anthology (hey, worth a shot, right?). I wanted to show more of the stalking process, how the narrator slips further and further into insanity, and then expand the torture/love making scene (I left the love-making out in the Idol piece, but let me tell you, it’s there). This piece was originally loosely based off of Savin’s knife and bloodplay kinks, but I’m playing a little with the voice, here. 

And now that I’ve babbled enough…

There’s a man who lives in the house across from my own. I don’t know his name.

This man is young. Early twenties, maybe a little older. Beautiful, dirty blonde hair. Pristine complexion — full lips, cute little nose. Eyes as clear as the edges of the ocean, moving into a deeper blue towards the center.

He doesn’t know I exist. He also doesn’t know that the moment he moved in, I’ve been looking out my window, all in the vain hope to catch just another glimpse of him. Innocent at first. After all, I was just curious about him. A kid as young as him, living on his own? No partner to speak of? Unheard of in this day and age, even though I myself broke out on my own at around the same age.

I haven’t been so bold as to go talk to him. As much as I want to, I’m not sure how. So I watch.

And I wait.

Dear Brain:

Yeah, you. The think that controls all of my actions and thoughts and whatnot. This morning, you could have been more productive. If it weren’t for your excellent spouse, you might not have even written anything today. And you’re still writing now, but you know you have to stop soon and make dinner and start the very long, arduous task of making dinner, watching the three year old and keeping him entertained.

So why you no wanna write this morning? Or at least, why did it take you so damn long to get started on anything? I know you finished “Whose Ass is Better?” (yes, that’s the title; no, it’s every bit as awful as you think it is) and submitted it, starting that uncomfortable process of waiting to hear back from the publishers. You’ve seen the work that particular press promotes. Are you sure you really want to be associated with that? Then again, you did give them your pen name, and you need to get used to stepping outside your comfort zone….

I guess that’s why you latched on to this other anthology. Submission period starts tomorrow. You have the whole month to develop and polish a piece between 1000-6000 words. Why do you need to get it out of your system now now now? Do you feel better, brain, writing the first two (tiny) sections of it? 

I hate you sometimes. I hope you know that. I just wanted to write some more of book 2 today. Is that so much to ask? Oh wait, you did let me write a section of that. But now you don’t want to do more work and you only added roughly 600 words to your manuscript. You know that’s not nearly enough, brain.

C’mon. Let’s get back to work.