Hey everyone! If you’ve happened to stumble upon my blog and liked what you saw, please take a moment to look at these steamy offerings I have put up for sale on Amazon! I have every intention of doing sales at a later point, once I have a bit more inventory, but this is what I have up so far:

Say What You Want, a four-part series updated at the beginning of each month

Say Please — part one of the Say What You Want series where Dustin Fenton and Shawn Baker meet, all on account of an ad Shawn places in order to find the perfect fuck buddy. Little did they know, their chance encounter would turn into something more than they had bargained for.

Say You’ll Let Me — part two of the Say What You Want series. Dustin Fenton receives a letter from none other than medical billionaire Shawn Baker. Shawn wishes to see (and use!) Dustin’s fantastic body all over again, this time with an audience — Dustin’s boyfriend, Jess. A deal is struck, but will it truly benefit all those involved, or is someone going to get left behind?

Say No More — part three of the Say What You Want series. Two weeks have passed and Dustin Fenton receives a text from his part-time lover Shawn Baker. Shawn wants to have a little fun — and a little less privacy, picking a busy and public place for their first rendezvous. Dustin’s boyfriend Jess expresses concern — is Shawn already pushing the boundaries Dustin and Jess had in place?

Say What You Want — part four of the Say What You Want series. Dustin, in the heat of the moment, agrees to stay with Shawn for the evening after all, despite the plans he had already had in place with Jess. When Jess calls to confirm where Dustin is, everything begins to go downhill for the two of them. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Dustin that things aren’t always what they seem.

Vicky & Mordecai, a three-part series updated at the end of each month

The Job Offer — part one of the Vicky & Mordecai series. Vicky Morrison is an unlucky, clumsy waitress who literally lands in the lap of the most powerful man in the country, Mordecai Falconi. When she’s undoubtedly fired for the offense, Mordecai provides her an offer she simply can not refuse.

His Companion — part two of the Vicky & Mordecai series. Her first day on the job as Mordecai’s “Assistant,” and Vicky’s starting to have some second thoughts. It seems like everyone’s trying to warn her — to tell her to go back home and get out while she still can. Get out of what? She doesn’t know. All she knows is how good she feels when Mordecai’s body is on top of her, and how a shiver rolls down her spine whenever she sees him. Why would she want to leave?

Stand-Alone Erotic Works

Whose is Better? — the story of two best friends discovering their lust for one another after a relaxing night out.

Lights, Camera — ACTION — the story of a pair of lovers, one a pornography stud and the other the camera man, shooting a hot and sexy film with the help of a third man both partners would love to fuck (though only the stud gets to — this time!)

I Ain’t Never — the story of country girl Jackie discovering that sometimes, it takes the perfect storm for her and the unexpected man of her dreams to end up in bed (or on a couch!) together.

The Best Medicine — the story of two romantic rivals, Derrick Dottin and Brandon Larsen, getting a little closer than they had ever anticipated once a medicinal component to an experimental drug causes their sex drives to go into overdrive. Christina Revlin, the woman both men want, directs the show before having both of them take her at the same time!

The Best Competition — sequel to The Best Medicine. That sexy repeat Christina suggested? They decided on having it at her place. Of course, Derrick and Brandon both had their own ideas as to how to impress a lady. Thankfully for them, Christina much appreciates their friendly competition, as it causes her to get off over and over again as they try to determine who is the better lover.

Collecting Rent — the story of Jake Dodson and Scott Johnson heading towards their rental property with the intent to retrieve the money rightfully owed to them. Instead, they get a steaming hot encounter with their tenant, Mr. Darren Renton, a young man both simply can’t resist taking advantage of.

Just as Human — Alex Farrington is a lonely scientist with one lovely robot companion named Carla. During Carla’s stay with Alex, he learns that she believes she once used to be a human being. Now, she hardly remembers what her original body looked like, but memories of a past life where she wasn’t rusting and falling apart stick with her. In an effort to make her feel human again, Alex builds her a new body. A body any woman would envy, and one he hopes he might get to be inside of, one day.

An Unusual Interrogation — President Bates and his private councilor Mitchell Ackerman are abducted by a rebel group. In order to protect the lives of their friends and family, they have to undergo a rather odd form of torture. Since the two are barely friends, meeting the demands of their captors seems downright impossible — especially when those demands include sexual contact.