So I find these challenge things on tumblr all of the damn time, right? Most of them I see and like the look of them but I never commit to actually doing them.

But I found THIS shipping challenge and I guess my brain needed a break from Gray Morning, because I’ve been cranking these out at about one a day for my own personal amusement and for quick words, since my son’s been sick (and now I am, too).

Of course, I decided on Savin/Mitchel for this particular challenge. And everything I’ve written so far has been post-Jazz’s death. So now I’m wondering if I’m inadvertently writing parts of the third book (tentatively titled “A New Day”), since the focus has been mostly on Savin and Mitchel’s developing understanding of one another. Now, I don’t think they’d ever be canon, but there might be an erm, unhealthy attraction/dependency almost on Savin’s end. One that Mitchel capitalizes on because he’s, well, Mitchel.

Either way, it’s been nice to focus on something other than Gray Morning. Even if this means I’m technically trying to figure out how A New Day even goes down. I honestly don’t really know how Gray Morning ends now, because of certain plot changes that have been made and subplots I’ve removed (because they were dumb). Jazz dying has always been a consistent fact. Jazz “cheating” on Savin is also pretty consistent, too, except this version will probably contain emotional infidelity more than anything else. Ravi was introduced at 25k in and that’s about as far as I got, honestly. xD

I kinda love his introduction, though. He’s always been an interesting character to write. He’s not my usual, and I really think I’m hung up on his fate, more than anything else. Because Mitchel needs a scapegoat. I’m pretty sure Ravi’s the fall guy.

And this is why discovery writing sometimes sucks. I am stuck, I think, partially because I have to just let them tell me the changes I need to make to their story. At the same time, I’m trying to keep them all tame, a bit, because I don’t want to lose sight of my plot.