So I spent most of my writing brain/energy on my LJ Idol competition entry. It was the original idea I had, back when I saw the topic was “Gauntlet.”

I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed writing it. I mean, I did. But my brain has been so heavily focused on writing my NaNoWriMo Novel (now titled One Day at a Time, because my brain decided Savin repeats those words enough/that sentiment enough that it should be the title).

I’ve been finding myself writing more detail; trying to provide sensory material different from my norm. My writing has improved as a result of this competition; I know it has. I know it keeps me on my toes. And that’s why I keep doing it, even as I lament the fact that i feel I’m going to get voted out soon, when I feel I’m one of the better writers left in the competition.

But enjoyment of writing is subjective. But it’s also part a popularity contest, and I’m not sure I have it in me to beg for votes like some of my fellow contestants do. I keep telling myself I will stay in (and not quit) until Gatekeepers or until I get voted out. I will probably pimp. I might not pimp. I don’t know. Depends how mentally exhausted I am with the competition, when the time comes.

I have written just over 1100 words of my NaNo, too, but I started one LJI entry (450 words), then decided on another (1580 words), so I’m at a total of something like 3k words written for the day. Which, for me, is on the high end of what my brain will produce on the daily — even on a day where I’m off from work.

Enough whining in here, though. I am watching my son stick playdoh to the under side of our kitchen table and wondering if this is a thing I should stop. And if I’m wondering it, probably means I should. Maybe.

If it keeps him busy for another 30 minutes maybe I can punch out another 1000 words…