Sometimes, I just have to accept that when it comes to writing a story for the first time, I have no idea what’s going to happen in it, at all.

Take Vicky & Mordecai, for example. I started it as almost a “FUCK YOU!” to the billionaire erotica genre that exploded thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray. Same basic premise (billionaire dude who’s into BDSM picks up main character chick). Except my dude? Apparently actually abusive. I know that BDSM relationships themselves aren’t, this man just uses it as an excuse to be abusive, but not physically so.

Naturally, when this came to light, I decided that my protagonist was going to eventually leave this man, instead of staying in her relationship with him in an effort to “fix” him. Because I hate that, so much. So this part, I was supposed to writer growing doubts, maybe have a hot sex scene or two, but really? She was supposed to start really making the decision to leave.

This…kind of happens. Enter a third character:

Jennifer Watson. 

Jennifer Watson is one of Mordecai’s secretaries that he hired for legit reasons. She also becomes the one who outright points out how Mordecai’s treatment of his “companions” is sort of fucked up. She’s also a lesbian.

…You can see where I’m going with this, right? Of course, Vicky’s fascinated with her almost right away. While some of my story isn’t necessarily believable, I’ve basically set it up that Mordecai’s whole home office is aware of his proclivities. But Vicky’s also not really allowed to socialize with her coworkers.

But I just — I never expected for another challenger to appear and I especially didn’t expect it to be a woman. Not that I’m against writing femslash, I just — well, okay, I’ve never really written femslash before? And look, female body parts are annoying to describe in smut which is why I like, kinda avoided writing any f/f scenes. But uhhh, it’s where the story wants to go, so I will take it there.

Also, this part had so much sex in it it kinda surprised me/exhausted me on writing smut for a little while. But I’ll likely edit it over the weekend and get it up and ready for sale on Amazon by Tuesday at the latest.

One of these days my own writing won’t surprise me. One of these damn days…

(Oh, and have the part where Vicky met Jennifer…)


The girl that had spoken with her that morning lifted her head, her eyes widening somewhat before becoming clouded. “I suppose Mr. Falconi has already given you your punishment for the day,” she said, her painted lips pursing together.

“Are you Jennifer?” Vicky asked, her voice high and almost squeaky. She cleared her throat, brushing her long hair out from in front of her eyes.

“I am,” she said, offering Vicky a soft smile. Her eyes wandered for a moment, seeming to follow the curves of Vicky’s body before she turned her attention away. “Mr. Falconi has given me a few tasks for you to complete, today. Most of them can be completed up here, with my assistance. There are one or two where you will need to report to the other building next door.”

Vicky nodded, hugging herself, her nails digging into the skin of her upper arms as she chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. “I’ve — I’ve never been next door,” she said, dropping her eyes to the floor. She could feel the next wave of tears sting at her eyes; she cleared her throat, hoping to keep them at bay.

“I’m aware of that,” Jennifer said, giving Vicky an apologetic smile. She waved Vicky closer to her and stood up from her seat behind the counter, leaning towards Vicky. “Between you and me, I’ve already taken care of those tasks for you, so there’s no need to worry about those.”

Vicky nodded, a small, half-relieved smile tugging at her lips. “Thank you,” she said with a slight dip of her head. She leaned against the counter, trying to hide her front against it. “What all do you need me to do?”

Jennifer’s smile widened somewhat as she placed a hand on Vicky’s arm. “Why don’t you come over to this side of the counter and I’ll show you?” she asked, her voice soft and pleasant. Vicky nodded, doing as she was told. There was an empty seat beside Jennifer’s, which Vicky gratefully took. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind her nakedness — or at least hadn’t shown any sign of being uncomfortable with it.

“So how did Mr. Falconi find you, anyway?” Jennifer asked after giving Vicky a quick rundown of the tasks she needed Vicky to complete for her. “Most of the girls he takes home with him aren’t as pretty as you are.”

Vicky blinked, her face growing warm as Jennifer looked over at her and raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow. Vicky stammered for a moment and looked down at the paperwork she needed to file, trying to gather her thoughts. “I fell into his lap at work,” she answered, her cheeks burning even hotter.

“Oh?” Jennifer asked, a hint of laughter to her voice. “What did you do for a living before coming here?”

“I was a waitress,” Vicky answered, settling some into her seat. The fact that Jennifer’s eyes were no longer on her made it easier for her to relax. She crossed her legs and leaned forward so that her breasts were hidden by her crossed arms, covering up as much of herself as she could.

Jennifer nodded, her fingers now poised over a keyboard. Her attention seemed to be focused on the computer screen in front of her, but a moment later, she asked, “Did you like it?”

Vicky frowned slightly and picked up a pen. “I mean, it’s waitressing. Dealing with people all day gets old after a while, y’know?” she asked. She glanced at Jennifer, studying the girl’s impeccable posture. She tried to imagine this girl running around a restaurant and smiling at the customers no matter how awful they were to her.

Jennifer’s smile faded somewhat. “I would rather deal with the general public,” she said with a sigh. “This job pays well, it really does, but Mr. Falconi –” she cut herself off, shaking her head and giving Vicky a forced smile. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t speak badly about him. He gave me this job, after all.”

Vicky nodded, furrowing her brow as she focused her attention on the instructions on the paperwork. “I still don’t know why he picked me,” she said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper. She shifted in her chair, still attempting to cover up as much of herself as she could.

“Do you like it?” Jennifer asked, turning to her. “Being his companion?” she clarified, clearing her throat. “Most of them seem to tire of the job after a couple of weeks.”

Vicky shrugged, ignoring the pain in her backside as she shifted her weight yet again. “I’ve only been his companion for a few days,” she answered, brushing her hair behind her ear. She glanced down at her naked form and pursed her lips together. “I don’t think I like being ‘punished,’ though.”

“Be grateful he’s only making you walk around naked for the rest of the day,” Jennifer said, shaking her head. “One girl had to be fucked in front of all of us. Every male in the building who wanted to have sex with her could,” she said, disgust creeping into her voice. She scoffed and shook her head.

Vicky blinked, her eyes growing wide. She couldn’t imagine having sex with so many guys, one right after the other. “What did she do?” she asked in a harsh whisper, feeling her stomach twist at the very thought of Mordecai doing the same thing to her.

“Don’t even know,” Jennifer answered, twirling her own pen between her fingers. “She didn’t even quit after that — it took her about another week before she did. I would have quit on the fucking spot — but then again, I don’t like guys all that much.”

Vicky raised an eyebrow at that and continued to work. She eased into her seat a bit as she turned away from Jennifer yet again. While Mordecai hadn’t explicitly told her she couldn’t socialize at work, she remembered him specifically saying he would prefer if she didn’t. “Don’t like guys…?” Vicky asked finally, curiosity getting the better of her.

Jennifer smiled at Vicky, crossing one leg over the other as she, too, leaned back in her  seat. “Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?” she quipped, her lips pressing together. “I prefer women.” She made a gesture, one Vicky didn’t quite understand, holding up her fingers and waving her tongue between them. She hunched down a bit, leaning across the counter and closer to Vicky. “Mr. Falconi doesn’t know, however, so let’s keep that between you and me, okay?” she said, her voice just above a whisper.