Apparently, my brain really, really wanted to write Savin/Mitchel smut. 

Like I really don’t get this aspect of my writing routine but there just get to be times where I crave a specific pairing and want to write it all the damn time, even of my own characters. And it’s a little frustrating with THIS particular pairing, because it’s not canon. Ever. EVER. 

I have a weakness for antagonistic relationships, okay? The more two characters hate one another in canon, the more I ship it. I just can’t help it. It’s a thing that’s left over from my fandom days — meaning when I was way more active in it. Y’know, when I was 12-15 years old. 

Also, I intend to sit down and construct a couple of “How to Write Smut” related blog posts. A friend of mine jokingly suggested I teach him how to write smut, which made me all flustered and blushy because HE IS A BETTER WRITER THAN I AM. I adore this man’s work, I really do. Still don’t have the balls the straight up tell him that but I have mentioned that he was my favorite both times he competed in LJ Idol with me. 😉 

One day I’ll be a little more organized. Still getting used to a lot of the major changes going on in my life, right now. It’s been a bumpy ride. Here’s some of that smut I’ll be finding a way to repurpose for my erotica penname, I’m sure…

 It’s not long before Savin dismisses the meeting, the rest of the Council filing out one by one. Callahan and Savin remain behind.

“Don’t you need to go home?” Callahan snaps, his blue eyes boring into me. His arms are crossed over his chest, and his glare isn’t remotely intimidating. 

Savin glances at him, his eyes widening somewhat before he shakes his head. He frowns, his lips a thin line as he gathers up their paperwork. No doubt, he wishes to say something. His hands say it all, however, as they busy themselves stacking paperwork and twisting the cap of a pen on and off. I want those same hands all over my person in a few short minutes, but it’d be best not to have Callahan become aware of that, just yet.

“I’ll be heading home shortly, Callahan, yes,” I say, standing up from my seat. I straighten out my jacket before my hands fiddle with the edges of my sleeves. Savin’s eyes follow my hands’ every move, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t hide the way his tongue darts out over his bottom lip. Smirking, I keep my attention focused on Savin’s ex-husband. “I just wanted to ask if Bates here would like to join me.” 

Callahan’s glare breaks, his bottom lip quivering as he drags a hand over his hair. His eyes shift over to Savin, who’s fidgeting with his tie. In just a few moments, I’ll be ripping it off him — or, perhaps instead, I’ll be tightening it around his neck, cutting off his air all while my hands roam over that exquisite body of his. While Callahan’s is more to my liking, I’ve developed a taste for Savin’s that I prefer to quench as frequently as possible. 

Savin seems to know this, too, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. His narrow eyes focus on some point in the distance, his throat constricting as he swallows. “I haven’t made any plans this evening, no,” he answers, avoiding Callahan’s probing eyes. He shuffles on his feet, his hands slipping inside his pockets. 

I suppose that, despite making his choices quite clear to both Callahan and myself, he’s still nervous about acting upon those choices. Callahan’s eyes shimmer with unshed tears as he picks up the rest of his things and turns away from us. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Savin,” he says, his voice wavering. 

Savin nods, his gaze following Callahan as he steps out the door, head held high even if his shoulders begin to shake just as the door closes behind him. 

With that, Savin turns his head towards me. “You didn’t need to say that to him, you know,” he says, scowling. His hands move in a flurry as he gathers up his own paperwork and notes. “He’s still getting used to the whole thing. I’m still getting used to the whole thing –”

“He’ll adjust,” I murmur, approaching Savin. I trail my fingers along his arm. “He left you first, Savin. If he hadn’t given up on you prematurely –”

Savin’s scowl deepens as he slides his glasses back into position. “It wasn’t — you have no idea what I did to him or why he left, asshole,” he hisses, turning on his heel. 

“I do not,” I admit with a shrug. “Does it matter why he left? He left. You’ve since moved on. He needs to accept that.” 

Sighing, Savin nods. He drags his fingers through his hair, pulling it behind his head. Once he’s done that, he gestures towards the door. “Did you really want to go back to your place?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. 

“Of course — unless you would prefer your apartment. I certainly don’t have any preference.” A lie, but Savin isn’t aware of that. I would much rather make it quite clear to Callahan just who Savin belongs to, now, though I may have already managed that. If Callahan were to see us walking out of the Council Room together and heading back towards my place, that would be best. 

Savin doesn’t say anything, not even as he scoops up the rest of his paperwork. He studies me for a moment, those emerald eyes of his flashing yet again as his lips curl upward on one side. Without any warning, he’s pressing himself against me, his thin body somehow overpowering me. Caught off guard, I stumble backwards and fall onto the Council Room table, gasping for breath as the wind is knocked out of me. 

“How ‘bout we do it here?” Savin breathes against my throat. His teeth are already sinking into my flesh, threatening to leave marks I know he has no intention of leaving. Still, I writhe against him anyway.