With the knowledge that I would be screwed out of not one, but three days of writing time this week, I decided I would skip helping with the marching band and go to Panera Bread this evening and write for several hours. I didn’t get to write this morning. My son is home from school tomorrow (as there is no school), so I will not get to write tomorrow morning, and Monday’s have fallen to the Therapy Gods, as I have therapy during the 2.5 hours the child is in pre-k. 

I wanted to write 4k to make up for the words I’m going to lose tomorrow, but I ended up with 3.3k. I do not work as well in the evening as I do at 9am in the morning. Like 9-11 is my sweet spot. I can punch out over 2k words in 1-1.5 hours easy during that window. It is amazing and I love it.

The project I’m working on at the moment is the next piece of my Vicky & Mordecai novella. It’s taken a turn I didn’t quite expect, but that’s what happens when I just put words on the page and don’t really plan and let the characters guide me. It’s always a surprise when I do it. Mordecai’s becoming more…unappealing by the minute, really. He’s controlling, and possessive, and he admits to both faults, and I think Vicky might actually go through character development to realize she doesn’t NEED to be controlled and walked all over and can stand up for herself and speak up for herself.

In a way, I am once again working my own issues out through writing, but in a different way. It’s incredible how I keep coming back to certain themes. Of course, there is sex, and plenty of sexual tension — which Vicky will also have to learn doesn’t mean anything. It’s an erotic novella, after all. 

Will he change? Will she end up leaving before that happens? I don’t know. But I’m certainly ready to find out for myself. 🙂