I wrote two more sections today of the piece I was working on yesterday. I’m hesitantly titling it Not Always for the time being, but I seem to have lost sight of the theme of the piece once it shifted from new to old material. So I’ll probably spend a great deal of energy tomorrow really fixing the whole thing up and tweaking/expanding sections in order to get it to feel more cohesive.

I did not, however, trigger myself today, which is good, and I’ve managed to write 2k words again today, which is also good. I’ve been trying to incorporate more reading into my routine, so of course I’ve been spending time doing that, too. I haven’t read published novels in a long while, and of course the first one I pick up is On Writing by Stephen King. King gets me, man. He and I write in very similar ways and it gives me hope for myself in the future.

Of course, I can stay that I still do a lot of reading throughout the day, since I would read the LJI entries, my friends’ journal entries, my unpublished writer friends who write better than I do (hi, Sarah!), etc. So I’ve always been reading. But picking up an actual book and finishing it? Haven’t done that in a while. I’ve really done nothing but read short stories for the longest time.

Here’s to hoping the reading pays off. 🙂