Okay, I think the child being in preschool is great, because that’s 2.25 hours where I have the house entirely to myself and I can have Pandora playing on the roku instead of episodes of Sesame Street replaying over and over again. My brain shuts everything else off and I just go, write write write, for about 1.75 hours of that time.

After all, I like to prep, first. Reread what I wrote the day before. Play around on the internet. Think, and trust the characters that they’ll tell me where they want to go. I have averaged roughly 2k words a day, during those preschool hours. it’s glorious.

If I could harness the urge to write and hold onto it for the rest of the day, though, that would be even better. Instead, I work on character memes and other little things for the writing communities I’m apart of on LJ. I filled out two Character Interview Memes on there, one for Savin and the other for Mitchel, both of which I need to post. So in a way, I’ve been doing my work, and then thinking about other aspects of my work.

It’s been rather nice. I’d like to have a 3k day total again, someday soon, and I might write a little more before going to bed, but with how tired I feel, I might not. I will certainly aim for another 2-3k words tomorrow. 🙂

And of course, you’re snippet for the day:

When Jess got home from work later that day, he stepped into the empty apartment and sighed. He tossed his key on the keyring hanging up in the kitchen and headed over to the calendar posted on the refrigerator. On it, he had a meal rotation written out and made a mental note of which dinner he should make that evening.

As he rifled through the fridge, he made mental note of the leftovers and decided against cooking dinner that evening, too. He had forgotten to set some aside for Dustin to take for lunch that day, after all. There was still plenty for the both of them.

If he even comes home, Jess thought to himself. Jess’s eyes widened a bit at the thought and he shook his head. Dustin would be coming home that evening — they had agreed on once every two weeks, after all. No more, no less. Not without explicit permission from Jess himself, anyway.

Sighing, Jess flopped himself onto the couch and turned it on, picking up a gaming controller. He should take a nap while he waited for Dustin to get home — or do something where he didn’t need to think and could just forget about that morning, and Dustin asking him whether it was okay for him to have absolutely no warning, the next time Shawn wanted to meet up with him.

Except playing video games didn’t bring him much solace, either, his mind racing over thoughts and every little detail from that morning. When the door swung open, Jess forced himself to smile and paused the game. “How was work?” he asked, his voice thankfully sounding more cheerful than he felt.

Dustin gave a half-smile back, hanging up his jacket in the closet before sitting down on the couch beside Jess. “Work,” he answered, resting his head against the back of the couch. His eyes were turned up towards the ceiling, and he soon closed them with a sigh. “It was pretty fucking boring, actually,” he murmured.

Jess nodded, offering Dustin the other controller. Dustin shook his head and put the controller aside. He sat up straight and placed his hand on top of Jess’s, threading his fingers through Jess’s own. “You okay?” Dustin asked, a look of concern crossing his face. “You don’t seem like yourself.”

Biting his lip, Jess turned away from Dustin. “Yeah,” he said, squeezing Dustin’s fingers. “Still tired, y’know? Work was a little busy, today.”

“You seemed upset this morning,” Dustin pointed out quietly, squeezing back. “After I mentioned Shawn, anyway. You sure you’re okay with him just springing shit on me without any warning? ‘Cause if you’re not, I can tell him to let me know a couple of days in advance, instead. It’s not a big deal at all, dude.”

Jess lifted his gaze, hesitantly meeting Dustin’s eyes. He studied Dustin’s sincere expression and sighed, shaking his head. “I don’t want you to do that, dude,” he muttered, offering Dustin a partial smile. “Whatever happens between you and him is perfectly okay with me — I mean, as long as he doesn’t replace me or anything, I don’t see why I would be upset with any of this?” He paused and glanced at Dustin again. “I mean, you like sex, dude, and he’s hot, and that’s all it is between the two of you, and –”

“Jess,” Dustin said, cutting Jess off. He leaned in close, kissing Jess softly. Unlike that morning, Dustin let his lips linger and moved even closer to Jess, pushing him down against the couch. “He could never fucking replace you, dude. And if you’re worried that he’s going to, tell me now and I’ll tell Shawn I can’t do it anymore. Okay?”

Jess looked up at Dustin, his eyes filling with tears he tried to fight back, but couldn’t. He reached up, cupping Dustin’s cheek, his thumbs brushing against Dustin’s cheekbones. “Okay,” he whispered, managing a smile. “I’m not worried about it,” he said, trying to reassure Dustin as he pulled him back down for another kiss. “But I’ll tell you if I start to, okay?”

Dustin nodded, moving to start kissing Jess’s neck. Jess gasped, squirming under Dustin’s weight. “Good,” Dustin grunted, his hands sliding up Jess’s shirt. He bent down, kissing along the edge of Jess’s jeans. Jess moaned, throwing his head back some as Dustin then pulled down his pants. Dustin’s soft lips continued to kiss down his trail and along his hips, then down Jess’s thighs before coming back up, tongue teasing along the edge of Jess’s half-hard cock.

Jess’s breathing grew heavy the more Dustin teased him. He threaded his fingers through Dustin’s hair, gasping when Dustin took in just the tip and sucked lightly. He bucked his hips all in an effort to get Dustin to take more of him in. When Dustin instead gripped his hips and held him down, his tongue tracing over Jess’s slit and down along the underside of Jess’s cock, Jess groaned and closed his eyes.

“S-Stop teasing me,” Jess stammered, rocking his hips again.

“No,” Dustin replied, grinning up at Jess. “I haven’t given you head in a while. Just fucking relax and let me do what I want.”

Jess chuckled, his laughter turning into a gasping moan as Dustin then swallowed all of him at once, his mouth pleasantly warm around his cock. Jess writhed on the couch, spreading his legs a little wider and enjoying the feel of Dustin’s hands as they moved away from Jess’s hips and down his thighs.

As enjoyable as it was to have Dustin’s mouth around him like this, something tickled at the back of his mind. When Dustin sucked harder and picked up the pace, the itch died away as Jess’s moans grew louder. Soon, Jess forgot why he had ever been upset in the first place.

After all, Dustin was right — Shawn would never receive the looks Jess was getting now from Dustin. Those half-lidded eyes looked up at him with such love, and each pass of Dustin’s lips brought Jess closer and closer to the edge.

So why did he even think that he might be replaced?