I started looking over what I wrote of Say No More, the next installment of Say What You Want, this morning at 9am on the dot.

Finished reading through it in 15 minutes or so (I’m a slow reader), and started writing. Stopped at 10:40 (or just after).

Two thousand words in that time frame. Which is my daily goal. Granted, I’m exhausted, and haven’t really written anything but a few lines here and there since, but damn. When I don’t have a child to watch I can certainly be productive and get more writing done in a day. Mondays will be shot, starting next week, but having Tuesday-Friday every week where I write as much as I can while my child is at preschool is a good thing. I’m hoping to develop a routine of sorts. I’m always my most productive between 9 and 11am, anyway. Which works great for me. 🙂

The fact that I will also have at least an hour or two to myself in the evenings, now, will help tremendously as well. Of course, I’m shot by about 9pm, most days, but I can try, no?

Enough rambling from me. Here’s the snippet for the day: (Warning, explicit content within)

Sooner than Dustin anticipated, they pulled up to one of the largest public libraries in the city. Shawn quickly shut the car off and stepped out of the car. Dustin followed, thankful that he was only halfway hard as they walked into the building together. The librarian at the front desk murmured a hello to Shawn and offered assistance — assistance Shawn immediately brushed aside with a simple shake of his head.

“I brought my own help,” he said, gesturing to Dustin. “So there’ll be no need for you to step away from your desk, Silvia.”

Silvia nodded, offering a tight-lipped smile to Dustin as Shawn dragged him further inside the library. At one point, Shawn grasped his hand, refusing to let go until they found one such secluded corner like Shawn had described. There were a few people nearby, chattering quietly around a long desk. Students, Dustin thought to himself, judging from the backpacks resting against chairs.

He didn’t have time to think of much else, not when Shawn’s lips pressed against the back of his neck, one hand wrapping around his front and sliding up his shirt. Dustin bit back a moan, throwing his head back as he tried, and failed, to contain his gasp. “Not even gonna wait to see if anyone’s coming?” he whispered, turning to glance back at Shawn.

Shawn chuckled against the sensitive skin of his neck, his other hand dipping below the waist of Dustin’s pants. “That’s part of the fun — not checking,” he murmured, his tongue hot and wet against the edge of Dustin’s neck. “Get in the chair,” he breathed, pushing Dustin towards the plush, oversized chair situated in the corner.

Dustin scrambled away from Shawn, sitting in the chair. Shawn climbed into his lap, his hands on Dustin’s shoulders as he kissed Dustin roughly. Every action felt desperate, almost rushed as Shawn’s tongue clashed with Dustin’s, those same hands roaming over Dustin’s clothed chest.

As Shawn pulled away from him to resume kissing and biting along Dustin’s neck, Dustin had to fight back a moan, throwing his head against the chair. Dustin’s hands slid up Shawn’s suit jacket and around Shawn’s back, bringing the older man closer to him. When Shawn bit harder than usual, Dustin gasped out in pain, unable to hold it back.

Shawn chucked again, pulling away enough to unzip Dustin’s pants. “You need to keep quiet,” he ordered, his own voice barely louder than a whisper. He pulled Dustin free, sliding his hand along Dustin’s cock. “You don’t want anyone to catch us, right?”

Dustin shook his head, biting his lip and trying to control his breathing as Shawn continued to pleasure him. It wasn’t long before Shawn slipped out of Dustin’s lap and knelt before him on the chair. It was just like their first time, except Shawn’s tongue traced the underside of his cock for even longer, each dip of his mouth shallow and teasing.

As much as he tried to keep quiet, Dustin still had to cover his mouth with his hand in order to muffle his moans. Shawn looked up at him over the edge of his glasses, a hint of a smile on his lips as he swallowed Dustin whole. This time, Shawn sucked hard, his mouth now moving along the length of Dustin’s cock quickly.

Dustin’s fingers tangled themselves in Shawn’s hair, and he tried to keep his gasps to a minimum as he listened for any approaching footsteps. Of course the medical genius would have an exhibitionist streak. At some point, Dustin tugged on Shawn’s hair and pushed Shawn to take all of him in his mouth. Except instead of doing just that, Shawn pulled away from Dustin and smirked up at him. As Shawn crawled back into Dustin’s lap, his hand still on Dustin’s cock, he whispered, “Not yet, you don’t.”