The Job Offer

Vicky Morrison’s clumsiness has gotten her into trouble before, but not quite like this! When she finds herself in the lap of one of the most powerful (and rich!) men in the nation, Mordecai Falconi, all she can so is stammer a humble apology. Mordecai, while unimpressed with Vicky’s waitressing, accepts her apology without a fuss.

Her apologies, however, are not enough for Vicky’s boss, Marv Campbell, who fires her shortly after her mishap. With no where to go but home, Vicky laments the loss of her job (and the opportunities it provided her). When an unexpected visitor walks in, Vicky learns that sometimes, even the worst mistakes can lead to the greatest change.

After all, with an offer like the one Mordecai Falconi gives her, how can anyone refuse?