So, I’ve made it my goal to write one chapter of my trilogy a week. It’s sort of a mental break from all of the smut I write throughout the week. And even though Vicky & Mordecai aren’t finished, I really, really needed to focus my brain on other things, today. I finished Chapter Three, all 2500 words of it, and am now rereading what i wrote yesterday and editing it as I go along.

This piece is so long, I’m actually kinda impressed. My daily word counts have skyrocketed in the past few days. I’m back to the levels I was writing at a few months ago. My son starts preschool on Tuesday. I’m hoping to use the free time spent JUST writing. We’ll see how well that goes. Maybe I can maintain this level for a little longer than just a couple of days.

Don’t have much else to say, so here’s an amusing exchange from my chapter:

Ryin made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “You seemed to like him well enough. You even asked him to call you Jazz, man. Don’t even try and deny it — you like him and you’re reconsidering your policy of no dating until you’re thirty.” 

“Look, just because the guy’s hot doesn’t mean I want to date him — if that were the case I’d want to date my surgeon, too –”

“You couldn’t date me anyway, Mr. Callahan. I’m engaged.”

Jazz’s face fell and he clamped his jaw shut, pulling his blankets up over his face. Ryin laughed, resting his back against the seat and glancing up at Dr. Bates, who now stood at the foot of Jazz’s bed. As Dr. Bates picked up Jazz’s chart, he looked at Jazz over the edge of his glasses. “How’s your pain today, Mr. Callahan?” he asked, completely unphased. 

“Better,” came Jazz’s muffled reply from behind the bed sheet. Ryin snickered to himself, shaking his head. Slowly, Jazz pulled the sheet away from his face, avoiding Dr. Bates’s eyes. “When can I get out of here?” he groaned, throwing himself back against the bed.

“In a couple of more days at the most,” Dr. Bates murmured, flipping through Jazz’s chart. “Your incision sites are healing just fine, you’ve no sign of infection, and your pain is obviously at a manageable level. There shouldn’t be any need to keep you for any longer than that. Have you been paying attention to how the nurses care for your incisions?” 

“I’ve been changing the bandages myself after the first day,” Jazz muttered darkly, his face returning to its normal color. 

Dr. Bates scowled at that, shaking his head. “Of course you have,” he said under his breath. Sighing, he put Jazz’s chart down and turned to Ryin. “If he continues to keep doing well I’ll discharge him tomorrow evening, if that’s alright with you.” 

“Sounds good to me,” Ryin said, nodding his head. “I’m sure his apartment misses him.” 

Jazz snorted and readjusted his sheets, still avoiding Dr. Bates’s eyes. “Don’t you have to meet with Uncle Frank again, tomorrow night?” he asked, glancing at Ryin. “I mean, if you can’t come get me, I can always get Mitchel to take me home.”

“I hope you aren’t planning on having sex with him so soon after getting fucking shot, man,” Ryin said, smirking at Jazz. Jazz’s face turned scarlet, but he didn’t dignify Ryin’s comment with a response. “Pretty sure Uncle doesn’t have any plans to meet with me, tomorrow, either, but if you want Mitchel to take you home, all you needed to do is say so.”

Jazz just gave him the finger, making Ryin laugh all over again. Even Dr. Bates chuckled quietly to himself as he approached the other side of Jazz’s bed. “I just need to check the incision sites again, if you don’t mind. Then I can leave you two to your brotherly bonding.”

Jazz nodded, lifting his shirt up without question. He kept his eyes on Ryin the whole time and winced as Dr. Bates’s fingers probed the bandaged areas. “Yeah, you’re definitely getting discharged tomorrow night, I think. Those incisions are looking very good, if I do say so myself.” Dr Bates then moved away from Jazz and smirked at him. “The rest of you looks good, too,” he finished with a wink.