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Dreams, man.

So at around six this morning, I finally wake up from this weird, nightmare-esque dream I was having. I got thrown 100 years into the future, post a zombie-apocalypse. Things were mostly under control, but my family were lost to the sands of time. The world basically learned how to cope with the zombies — who themselves aren’t dangerous. It’s those who were in the middle of transforming that were — because those who were just infected were the only ones who could infect others, etc. It was really quite interesting. 

Immediately, I snatched up my phone. Took notes on what I could remember about the dream. Which at that point in time, was a lot. I’ve done this once before, where I was pretty much just handed all of the world-building because of a dream I had. It was glorious.

I decided that this story idea would be my NaNo project this year. I wanted to work on something that was unrelated to my work (the smut), or TT. Mainly because I have something like 12k of Seize the Day written already and I’m not 100% on how long it’s actually going to be with the changes I’ve made. But I did write a small, 800ish word piece based on this idea, which is shown below. I also worked on chapter 6 of Seize the Day and got most of it done, but I have to get up at like 5am tomorrow, so I’m not gonna be finishing it tonight. Damn. Oh well. I am pleased with this short piece, though:

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Say What You Want

So I finished writing this part yesterday and realized there needed to be one more part. 🙂 But for those of you who are curious as to what happens next in the Say What You Want series, here’s the 4th piece. 

Jess and Dustin find themselves in trouble. Dustin’s reckless decision to spend the night with Shawn Baker only drives a wedge between him and Jess, one he doesn’t know how to remove now that he’s come home. It all comes down to one harsh, unexpected request from Jess: 

Dustin must stop seeing Shawn. 


Previous parts include Say Please, where Dustin and Shawn meet. Still up on Amazon for FREE until midnight tonight! 

Say You’ll Let Me, where Dustin and Shawn decide to make the fuck-buddy arrangement a permanent thing (as long as Jess agrees it’s okay).

Say No More, where Shawn’s intentions with Dustin start to become unclear. 

Been a While

Life’s been… okay, I’ve been adjusting to a whole slew of changes in routine and the like. I’ve been writing, and am working on the next piece of Say What You Want. Or rather, the last piece. I think this one is going to be fairly long — at least as long as the first piece, which was roughly 9k words. 

I’ve been averaging NaNo word-count levels this month — I have about 47k written so far, total, of various things I’ve written this month. It’s nice to feel this productive again, especially since I’ve been helping out the local high school and dealing with my son being in pre-school, not to mention running all over the place to get appointments done and new living arrangements, etc. 

Sales have been better. 🙂 I’m hoping that things continue this way, because while it’s not a lot, still, every little bit counts. I don’t ever expect to become famous, but I want to make enough money to live off of, one day. I think this weekend I’ll spend time polishing up some of my other short stories and find anthologies to put them in. I do intend to one day traditionally publish The Tomorrow Trilogy, and any publishing credit is better than none. Also, getting a few stories out for rotation at a time may help in bringing in more cash, as well. 

All in all, things have been good, I’m averaging around 1600-1700 words a day, and am developing a routine and hours that I need to protect from the rest of the household. Here’s to hoping I can finish the next part of Say What You Want this weekend — I want to get it up for publishing by Monday. And once it’s up, I’ll work on Seize the Day, chapter 6. Annnnd after that, I’ll organize which short stories I want to edit first. I already made notes a few weeks ago on each piece, just never got around to actually doing the editing.

If you can’t tell, I am very much a “multiple projects at once,” type of writer. I can’t focus on any one for very long. Which means while I finish multiple projects all around the same time, it takes me a while to get there. I can focus on one chapter at a time, though, and rough outlines when I’m not discovery writing things help a whole lot in that regard. If it’s under 40k, I don’t need to plan, just need to go with the flow. With Say What You Want and Vicky & Mordecai, when I finish their first run-throughs, I intend to repackage them as a whole, edit them, add in scenes, etc, as a sort of practice for the revision process of others books. 

It’s nice having a plan. 🙂 I just hope it all comes together for me. Without any further rambling from me, though, a snippet from the next part of Say What You Want

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His Companion

Part Two of the Vicky & Mordecai series is finally here! 

Vicky Morrison arrives at her new apartment, one fully furnished and provided to her by Mordecai Falconi himself. With her mind still reeling over the days’ events (and the hours she spent under Mordecai’s body), she still doesn’t quite grasp the position she’s put herself in. While she’s Mordecai’s assistant on paper, she’s nothing more than a well-paid escort, right?

Does it really matter? Mordecai gave her the chance at a whole new life, one where she doesn’t have to worry about debt or where her next meal is coming from. But what’s with everyone giving her those pitying looks? And telling her it’s okay to leave a position she literally just started? Just as she starts to wonder whether she’s really cut out to be Mordecai’s companion, she finds herself giving in to him all over again.

Is this really what she wants?

ADULT CONTENT within. Intended for an 18+ audience. Explicit sexual situations and occasional harsh language. 


With the knowledge that I would be screwed out of not one, but three days of writing time this week, I decided I would skip helping with the marching band and go to Panera Bread this evening and write for several hours. I didn’t get to write this morning. My son is home from school tomorrow (as there is no school), so I will not get to write tomorrow morning, and Monday’s have fallen to the Therapy Gods, as I have therapy during the 2.5 hours the child is in pre-k. 

I wanted to write 4k to make up for the words I’m going to lose tomorrow, but I ended up with 3.3k. I do not work as well in the evening as I do at 9am in the morning. Like 9-11 is my sweet spot. I can punch out over 2k words in 1-1.5 hours easy during that window. It is amazing and I love it.

The project I’m working on at the moment is the next piece of my Vicky & Mordecai novella. It’s taken a turn I didn’t quite expect, but that’s what happens when I just put words on the page and don’t really plan and let the characters guide me. It’s always a surprise when I do it. Mordecai’s becoming more…unappealing by the minute, really. He’s controlling, and possessive, and he admits to both faults, and I think Vicky might actually go through character development to realize she doesn’t NEED to be controlled and walked all over and can stand up for herself and speak up for herself.

In a way, I am once again working my own issues out through writing, but in a different way. It’s incredible how I keep coming back to certain themes. Of course, there is sex, and plenty of sexual tension — which Vicky will also have to learn doesn’t mean anything. It’s an erotic novella, after all. 

Will he change? Will she end up leaving before that happens? I don’t know. But I’m certainly ready to find out for myself. 🙂