I am 81 words away from 10,000 on my Vicky & Mordecai piece. 

I’m still in the middle of writing the actual sex scene. Mordecai is as much of a control freak as Savin when it comes to his partners — maybe even worse. Savin just likes to hear the begging. Mordecai wants complete and utter control. He won’t let  Vicky come until he says she can, etc, and no amount of begging will convince him to change his mind on that.

Except he is apparently into squirting so maybe he’ll let her come soon. I don’t know. Also, I forgot what it was like to completely “discovery write,” a piece longer than 5k. Like with most of the erotica I’ve been publishing, I’ve been borrowing a friend’s characters and disguising them a bit (or writing my own characters and disguising them), for the purpose of having already built characters to work with. Mordecai and Vicky? Entirely new people to me. I don’t know them all that well yet. I had an idea of what kind of direction I wanted to take their story in, but their personalities and their quirks and whatnot are all filling in as I write it.

Guys, this is why I write. I forgot what this felt like. I’m enjoying this piece and plowing through so much of it because I am just letting them guide me and take me places. When i’m not writing, I’m generally doing housework and the like, but I’ve also been watching the Brandon Sanderson Lectures over on youtube. They can also be found here, but I prefer the smaller chunks the youtube videos provide. They’re easier to swallow and watch, especially when chasing around a pre-schooler all day. 😉 

I’ve written over 2500 words again, today. It’s glorious. I think I’m going to try and finish up the sex scene/maybe the whole piece (I foresee another chunk or three of these two to write, in my future) and go to bed. Maybe. We’ll see what happens.

And a snippet, of course… 

Vicky bit her lip, quivering a little under his touch once more. Those blue eyes were all she could see before she looked away. She could feel the ghost of his lips against hers all over again. She even imagined them moving down her neck to her shoulders, and wondered if all his touches would be as soft as that first kiss. With the way his gaze devoured her, she didn’t think it was likely. How long had it been since she last shared a bed with a man?

Why did she so desperately want to say yes to a man she just met the night before?

She met his eyes once more, squaring her shoulders and breathing in deeply. “Yes, Mordecai,” she murmured, sounding far more confident in her decision than she felt. “You can have me.”

Mordecai’s eyes lit up as he gave her a lopsided grin. “Excellent.” He pulled his hand away from hers. He looked out towards the window of the plane, the grin giving way to a thoughtful frown as he pulled out his cell phone. “The plane will be taking off in a few moments. Since you agreed, you have to do everything I say, starting right now.”

Vicky nodded, squirming in her seat once again as Mordecai turned back to her, lust and desire apparent in his eyes. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, her voice wavering slightly.

“Play with yourself,” he answered. “Strip naked for me, right now, and play with yourself until I tell you to stop.”

Vicky blinked, her heart pounding in her chest at his request. No, his order. The quiet demanding tone of it struck a chord within her, forcing her out of her seat. She tugged her shirt over her head first, letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor. The whole time, she felt Mordecai’s eyes on her. He leaned forward in his seat, watching her as she then undid her bra. She tried to cover herself up, some, as she then unzipped her jeans.

“Please, Victoria, there is no need to hide yourself from me,” Mordecai murmured, his voice catching her off guard and causing her to nearly topple over as she shimmied out of her jeans. “I already said you were beautiful.”

Vicky regained her balance, holding onto the seat in front of her before kicking off her socks and shoes. Her face burned, but she ignored it as she sat back down. “How do I…?” she trailed off, noticing the amused smile gracing Mordecai’s lips.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t masturbated before,” he teased, leaning back in his seat some. She dipped her head just slightly and looked away from him, biting her lip. She jumped when he grabbed her hand and gave it a soft squeeze. “I’ll just have to give you explicit directions then, won’t I?” he asked, smirking.