A Cartoonist’s Advice — by Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson is, in some ways, a huge inspiration and a hero for me.

The message of this comic is simple: do what you truly want to do. Find the path in life that works for you, and really makes you happy.

As a writer — scratch that, as a professional writer who is finding their way in the self-publishing world and developing a true writer platform, I needed to see this comic now, more than ever. My personal life is at a huge crossroads. My wife has decided she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with me anymore. We’re still determining the mechanics of our separation, and how we want to proceed with that.

A month ago, I dove head first into looking for a job — any job. My goal? Get the hell out of this house as soon as possible. My version of giving my wife the middle finger, essentially, and a way to communicate how hurt and betrayed I felt. Except slowly, I realized that searching for a job killed any urge I had to push through life and keep living. That job searching made me even angrier than I already was.

Writing pulled me back together. Publishing something and seeing it sell a measly five copies brought a smile back to my face. So all of those hours of intermittent work only had a pay off of 10 bucks. Whatever. I made ten bucks

Doing what I love and making money off it? Even if it’s not a lot?

That’s worth far more to me than anything else in the world — especially since I can stay at home, provide childcare for my son, and actually make myself happy. It’s no longer a hobby, it’s the real deal. 

Bill’s comic couldn’t have come at a better time.