The past few days have been huge emotional roller coaster type ones, so I haven’t been writing much. Having my ex come home, dealing with my child’s school (!!!), and then couple’s therapy and realizing the goal we both agreed on might not work out best for me in the long run…. It’s a lot. I keep trying to push through one day at a time but I don’t know how well that’s working. 

I did, however, write about 1500 words today. I didn’t meet my goal of getting a book out this week, but I have most of one written. I may finish it tomorrow and save to publish it until Monday; I’m not sure yet. I do want to write the next chapter or two of my novel, too. 

Without further ado, some of what I’ve written today:


He made to turn on his heel, but Carla grabbed his arm, holding him in place. She then moved in close, her new form a couple of inches shorter than her old one. Her lips brushed against his own, soft and even warm for a moment. “I don’t think you actually want me to get dressed,” she breathed as she pulled away. “Tell me, Alex. Just how…’functional’ am I, now?”

“Fully,” was his quick response. He wished the heat in his face would die away, but he ignored that as best he could as he watched Carla’s every move.

She turned her back to him, pulling the sheet aside as she bowed her head. “So — that part should work as a normal woman’s, right?”

“In theory,” Alex muttered, tearing his eyes away from her. Instead, he focused his attention back on his desk, shuffling already organized paperwork around. “I didn’t have any real way to test it.”

He felt hands on his shoulders as Carla pressed against him, one of her hands trailing down her front and picking at the buttons of his shirt. He could feel her artificial breath against his neck. “Would you like to test it now?” She turned him around, pushing him up against his desk as her hands roamed over his clothed chest. “I’ve seen the way you look at me, Alex, even when I was in that other body.”

Alex’s his breath caught in his throat at her words, a familiar warmth filling him as he noticed Carla still wore only the sheet that had originally covered her body. Those green eyes of hers flashed, her smile almost predatory as she slipped between his legs, her hands ghosting along his thighs. “I don’t — I don’t know what you’re talking about, Carla,” he managed, wishing his pants didn’t suddenly feel so tight.

Carla laughed, her smile widening as she unbuttoned his shirt. “You’re an awful liar,” she teased. One hand rubbed against his crotch, eliciting a small moan from Alex. “You built me this body so we could have sex, right? A lonely man like yourself — why else would you make sure I looked and felt so lifelike?”

Alex’s cheeks burned as he nodded his head. He reached out, hesitantly placing his hands on Carla’s hips. “Does that — does that bother you?” he asked.

Carla just moved closer to him, the thin sheet slipping lower on her body and barely covering her chest as she did so. She pushed his now unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders, revealing Alex’s bare chest. “As long as I have the right to tell you no, I have no issue you with you wanting me, Alex,” she answered, kissing along the edge of his neck.

Her hands were on the buckle to his belt. She undid it swiftly before sinking to her knees, kneeling before him. As she pulled him free from his pants, Alex found himself holding his breath in anticipation. Green eyes glowed, a playful smile on Carla’s lips before she teased her tongue along the edge of his swollen head.

He gripped the edge of his desk, knuckles quickly turning white as he tossed his head back and groaned. It had been so long since anyone or anything had touched him in this way. Alex fought the urge to bury his fingers in Carla’s thick, synthetic hair, and instead whispered, “You can say what — whatever you want, Carla.”