I really, kinda sort of love it.

Like, a lot. The complete and total freedom and control over your work? Yeaaah. I love it. 

Granted, I don’t know if I’m going to approach publishing my novels with the self-publishing route, but doing the erotica shorts? Oh yes, I love it. I have two new erotica pieces I submitted to Amazon a few hours ago. One is done publishing, the other isn’t done, yet. I’m anxiously awaiting that email, yes. 

If anything, this has taught me that yeah, people are willing to buy my stuff, even if it’s not a lot of people all at once. Quantity over quality, at this point. A few purchases on each book still makes me money, y’know? And that money adds up the more books I have published. 

Are the hours of work worth the money I’ve earned so far? Not really. Haven’t made a whole lot, but I have made some, and that’s a start. I’m learning, feeling this whole self-publishing thing out. I may one day decide to go with a more traditional route with my more “serious” work, but with the erotica? Self-publishing really seems to be the way to go.