Which means going back to the grind, for me. Except the grind is far more enjoyable than any other job I’ve ever held. I didn’t write a whole lot today, but my bff went back home and I managed to write 800 words before my brain shut down. My child was up earlier than usual today, which meant *I* was up earlier than usual today. I’m actually ready to pass out. 

I thiiiink I can stretch this to 4k, though. It’s at just over 3k now, there are a couple of more sex acts I want to describe, then the after-play and the expansion of the opening scene, so that there’s a bit more awkward/competitive tension between Derrick and Brandon. I like writing threesomes even though I don’t necessarily think I’m good at it, lol. But practice makes perfect, right? 

Just need to keep writing. The improvement will come a little faster, that way. 🙂 Until then, a snippet… It’s right in the middle of the action, so be warned for NSFWyness.

“How should we do this, boys?” Christina asks, looking between us both. She licks her fingers clean of herself, and I gulp as her lips surround her finger just like they had my cock not that long ago. “I’ve had both of you in me last time. Derrick was in me earlier… I would assume it’d only be fair to allow Brandon to get a chance to fuck me now?”

Derrick deflates a little at Christina’s words before turning towards me. He gives me this strange look, one eyebrow cocked higher than the other as he bites his bottom lip. “Hey, Brandon — you’ve never had a guy in you before, have you?” His voice shakes a little and his face turns red, but those amber eyes of his never once leave mine as he talks.

My face burns, and Christina looks at the both of us with increased interest. “Don’t think Brandon has, Derrick,” she murmurs. “You had to tell him to take it a bit slow when he fucked you last time, remember?”

Derrick nods, a slight smile forming on his lips. “You wanna find out what it feels like to be topped, Brandon?” he asks, leaning in close to me. He starts kissing my neck, his tongue wet and hot against my skin as he then trails it down the length of it to my shoulders. “You can fuck Christina while I fuck you,” he then breathes in my ear, his hand dropping to my lap. He turns to Christina while his fingers tighten around my cock. “Think I can play with him a bit first before he fucks you?”

Christina smirks. “You wanna suck him off again, don’t you?” she asks, resting back against her pillows. As Derrick nods yet again, she gives a lazy wave with her hand. “Why don’t you have Brandon suck you off, Derrick? If Brandon’s never been fucked by a guy before, I doubt he’s given one head, either. He’s almost as good as you with his tongue, too.”