I’ve written all of 185 words this weekend — but I have also sat down and outlined 3/4ths of Seize the Day, which is way more than I had outlined before. I hate outlining. Despise it. But I’m actually really blocked on this book, and if I at least figure out the whole progression of it I have something to work with/can work on parts out of order, should the mood strike.

The 185 words were for my next erotica work. I’m trying to see if I can reasonably stretch the piece to over 4k words without being repetitive, so we’ll see what happens. I think I’m at 2300 now? And I have to flesh out the beginning some, a little bit more. I want more awkward conversation there between Derrick and Brandon. Not to mention everyone’s gotta get their second orgasm (at least). So there’s that, too.

I am extremely tired, though, so I will probably stare at my outline some more before going to bed.