As a writer whose primary trade, at the moment, is erotica, it’s kind of difficult writing while watching a child.

But that? The awkwardness that causes me is minimal, because I’ve grown used to that.

The hard part now is when there’s one of my roommates in the room with me and my child. Okay, so he’s distracting, but I can work around that and write a paragraph or two and not get too sucked into how hot and heavy things are are the moment between the three characters that are the stars of this particular book. 

But when he’s sitting right next to me? Dude, what I’m writing is getting me worked up. Also, I’m writing, and you’re gonna read over my shoulder. And you’re gonna be like oh god, why did I just read that. Even though really, the action right now is a woman getting eaten out while she’s jerking off the second guy who’s essentially just watching everything going on beside him. So it’s at least not two guys fucking (which is my bread & butter). But it’s awkward. And I am trying to wriiiiite.

And while I wrote this whiny post, he decided he was going downstairs. Yayyy. I can go back to writing my smut, now.