The bff is here, so I will probably be scarce. 😉 But! I did write some today — 1300 words. All of them smutty. And the smutty part is still going. Look, threesomes take some time, okay? And Christina likes to keep the show going even after the boys have already had an orgasm. 😉

Tiny snippet, because that’s what I do.


I don’t know why, but my stomach flips and my palms sweat as I make my way up the short walk to Christina’s front door. I grip the small bouquet of flowers tightly in one hand as I move to ring the doorbell with the other. While I fidget in front of the door, I take a moment to look around. Her house is small, but the lawn is precisely manicured, a small garden adding a bit of color in front of the house.

I’m early, but I try not to let that bother me. This isn’t exactly a date. I know it’s not — but I couldn’t help buying her these flowers, anyway. Deep down, I know I want to impress her. That I want her to think I’m the better choice.

Better choice over who? That would be Derrick Dottin, resident pretty boy at the pharmaceutical lab the three of us work at. Well, he works in the lab. Christina and I are representatives for the company and go around selling product wherever we can. As smart and sexy as she is, she’s way better at it than I am.

The door finally swings open, revealing Christina’s beautiful, perfect face. She leans against the door frame, one hand on her hip. Her shirt is partially open, unbuttoned enough at the time to reveal cleavage and only a couple of buttons done in the middle, to keep her shirt from spilling open entirely. She’s also wearing a modest skirt, one that comes down to just above her knees and it hugs every curve of her hips and legs. She’s not wearing her heels, but she’s still taller than me by an inch or so.

“You’re here early,” she says, a flirty smile on her lips as she plucks the flowers from my hand. “And I assume these are for me?”

“Of course,” I answer, managing to sound more in control of my nerves than I feel. Her smile never falters and she moves away from the door, gesturing for me to come in. I don’t hesitate, stepping inside her house for the first time.

There’s a short hall leading to the main living area of the house. When Christina turns the corner, my eyes drop to study her ass and her legs. She pads over to the couch and sits down on it.

That’s when I realize we’re not alone. Derrick stares back at me, amber eyes guarded and a satisfied smirk on his flawless face as he leans back against the couch, arms outstretched along the length of it. “Took you long enough,” he mutters.

Christina shakes her head. “Boys. There’s no need for the two of you to compete,” she says, putting the flowers I gave her inside a vase she has sitting on the mantel. The vase has fresh flowers in it — something tells me I wasn’t the only one who thought to bring her some. And I’m here later than that smug bastard, too. How’d he even get here so fast? I didn’t see any other cars out front.

“Not fucking competing,” Derrick says, crossing his arms over his chest. His face turns the slightest shade of red. “Just wanted to point out that Brandon has a car and I still beat him here. And my flowers are prettier.”

Christina snorts, rolling her eyes good naturedly.