The past few days, I can only start writing after the morning’s already flew by me. Dunno what it is, or what’s causing that particular block, but that’s what’s going on. Mornings used to be the most productive part of the day for me. I’m still getting things done, just not writing anything during that time, anymore. I’m not sure that I like it.

I’m sure if I end up getting this job, that might change. Who knows. I certainly don’t. There’s one interview process tomorrow and another a week or so from now. I’m not holding my breath for it because ugh, day jobs, but I need one, the sooner, the better.

But I did write more of Say You’ll Let Me, which is shaping up to be 1-2k words shorter than its predecessor, Say Please. Which is kinda good. I have every intention of writing 2 more books that’ll fill out the rest of this series’ “plot.” Sexy, sexy plot. I think I’ll finish writing it by Friday. I think. If I can keep up this pace for a couple of more days.

A snippet:


“You weren’t kidding,” Shawn muttered, glancing at Jess around the edge of his glasses. “He really does like pain.”

Jess nodded, resisting the urge to lick his lips as Shawn wrapped his fingers around Dustin’s shaft. Even when jerking Dustin off, Shawn’s motions were entirely controlled. Dustin’s eyes fluttered shut as he arched his back, hands grasping to pull Shawn closer. When Shawn knelt in front of Dustin and spread his legs wider, Jess pulled himself free again from his jeans.

Jess hadn’t ever heard Dustin groan so loudly with pleasure before as Shawn’s mouth swallowed him whole. Each dip of Shawn’s mouth remained shallow and he teased the tip of Dustin’s cock with his tongue in between each one. The image before Jess was more than enough for him to need release himself. He made sure not to move his hand too quickly; he had a feeling he might want to hold off on his own orgasm as long as possible.

He didn’t know how long Shawn teased Dustin with just his mouth, but Jess watched intently as the same two fingers pushed inside Dustin yet again. Dustin yelped in pain, his legs tensing around Shawn’s head. He matched his own hand’s movements to those of Shawn’s fingers and mouth — which is to say he jerked himself off as slowly as possible.

“S-Stop fucking t-teasing me,” Dustin said with a shudder, propping himself up with his hands behind him. He looked over at Jess, a pleading look on his face. “J-Jess, tell him to fuck me already.”

Jess heard Shawn chuckle, which then caused Dustin to gasp and close his eyes. Jess found himself grinning. “How close are you?” he asked.

Dustin’s already flushed face turned even redder. He opened his mouth to speak, but a groan in disappointment left it instead as Shawn pulled his mouth away from him entirely. “Too close,” Shawn purred, letting his hand glide over Dustin’s cock. His fingers kept up their pace, thrusting in and out of Dustin hard enough to make Dustin jump with pleasure. Shawn began alternating kisses and bites along Dustin’s neck and shoulders. “If you wanna come, Dustin, you know what you have to say.”

Dustin glared at Shawn as he bit back another moan, his hips now rocking in time with Shawn’s fingers. Jess’s heart pounded even harder in his chest as he tightened his hand around his cock. Something about the look Shawn and Dustin shared caused his breath to hitch in his chest, if only for a moment. Both men were so intent, so focused on one another, Jess wasn’t even sure they realized they had an audience anymore.

“Please,” Dustin begged, naked desperation lacing his voice. “Please fuck me until I — I come.”