This’ll be me, come Wednesday. I can promise all of you that. My mental health is better, but not great, today, and i’m feeling…okay. Better than suicidal. Which is a hefty improvement, what can I say.

In terms of writing? Well, I did write probably 500ish words of Say You’ll Let Me, so progress? Better than nothing, and considering how wiped I really am, I’ll take it.

But that’s not the main point of this post. The main point? 100% that LJ Idol, that zany writing competition that I somehow keep surviving through week to week, has a 2 topic/2 entry week, this week. I have until Wednesday at 9pm to write 2 entries, for two topics I selected out of 24.

I have no ideas for either topic. I’m not even worried about not having ideas for either topic. I have “Across the Fence,” and “$#@%$!!” (basically, you get the idea). Remember that I picked these. I liked them. I liked how they rolled around in my head, and how they stuck out to me.

Have noooo idea what I’m gonna write, though. Good news is, I’m a fast writer when I can pull myself together long enough to just write. And inspiration will strike when it strikes, too. I’m gonna give myself a couple nights to sleep on it, see what happens.

I know I’ll knock it out of the park, though. πŸ™‚