Mental health is a damn fickle thing and I wish mine would even out.

I didn’t write anything today, but I did start the process of setting up my next book for sale on Amazon. I figure that counts, right? I mean, I had to write a summary and all of that lovely stuff. And pick out a book cover, etc. 

It’s hilarious that I’m trying to go for the more artsy/tasteful book covers for my smut, because I tend to like my smut to be presented on the classier side. Though I dunno if that’s really doing me any favors in terms of sales, but hey. The more I put out there, the better I’ll do, so that’s something? Erotica doesn’t necessarily need to be quality, anyway. 

Here’s to hoping my mental health improves enough so I can actually get some real work done, tomorrow. I want to be able to put this book up for sale before my BFF comes to visit. 🙂