I am not allowed near kink memes.

I am that author!anon who never goes anon. I like to see the comments (if anyone leaves any) on my stories, no matter the kink. The better ones? They’ll go on FFN. Or Ao3. I just wrote one today, and it felt good, writing fanfiction and getting that out of my system. It was a short, barely 500 word piece for the Attack on Titan fandom, with the pairing Levi/Eren. The prompt spoke to me.

In other news, I am flailing miserably over my Idol entry. It’s another intersection week, and I have the most amazing partner ever, and I love our idea, but I can’t get the words to come. It’s just…not there. I have been struggling with my Idol pieces for a few weeks now (gee, I wonder why…?), but this one is giving me one hell of a time. And I NEED to get it done — I can’t leave my partner high and dry. That’d be pretty shitty.

I’m hoping if I sleep on it, my brain will figure it out. I started it, didn’t like what i had, and quit, and wrote the AoT fanfic. I’m actually about to start  another AoT fanfic, because another prompt is calling my name. But I am making myself write my Idol entry tomorrow, then some of Say You’ll Let Me, the second part of my erotica series Say What You Want. Because I wanted to put out one book of that a month — I had three parts planned that I would eventually release as a novel by itself.

While personal problem won’t be solved for a while, I think I figured out ways to mentally deal with it and reduce my stress. Some of the time. Today was a really good day. I am going to try to make tomorrow just as good of a day. We’ll see what happens.