So I guess I’m easing myself back into writing. I only wrote 1k words today, but considering that most of the past week and a half I’ve barely written that much total, that’s really not so bad. This time, I wrote a thing for LJ’s “writerverse” community. The prompt? Write a story of your character making a different decision than one they made in canon. I asked the BFF which plot point she would like to see me twist, and she gave me “I wanna know what would happen if Jazz decided to stay with Ravi?” 

Well, I didn’t answer her question. But I did write this: 


Jazz pulled Ravi closer to him, burying his face in the crook of Ravi’s neck. Their chests heaved in unison, both spent from their desperate love-making. Jazz’s body trembled, a fresh wave of tears overcoming it as his nails dug deeper into Ravi’s back.

He had to leave. He should leave. The Empire was falling apart without him. The Resistance kept growing, gaining more power and the Hoobans were gaining more ground, every day. If he went back, the Empire might stand a chance, but —

“I don’t want to leave,” he whimpered into Ravi’s shoulder. “Ravi, I –” 

Ravi pulled away from him, his expression unreadable as he lay beside Jazz. He ran his fingers through his loose hair, his eyes focusing on anywhere but Jazz’s face. “Blue, you can’t stay, a’ight?” he rasped, sliding off the bed. “It’s dangerous.”

Jazz scowled, pushing himself up into a sitting position on the bed and covering himself with the sheet. “It’s dangerous for me if I go back, too,” he pointed out, his eyes following Ravi as Ravi made his way around the room, gathering their clothes. “My ex is there.”

Ravi stopped mid-bend, a frown forming on his face. “Better’n staying with a Resistance assassin,” he muttered as he straightened himself out. He threw a t-shirt over his head, tugging it down and brushing his hair out of his face. “You know I have orders to kill you on sight, right?” 

Jazz’s blood chilled, causing a slight shiver to run through him. Ravi’s amber eyes never once left his as he spoke. Those same hands that roamed Jazz’s body moments ago were now balled at Ravi’s sides. “I do now,” Jazz whispered, gulping. He pulled his knees to his chest, resting his head on them as he looked away from Ravi. “That doesn’t mean you have to follow them.” 

“Blue, you don’t understand. If Mitch knew –”

“He knows who I am,” Jazz said, lifting his head from his knees. Ravi gave him an odd look, cocking his head to the side, his frown deepening. “Ravi, Mitchel’s — he’s a member of the Emperor’s Council. He knows.” 

Ravi’s eyes widened before they narrowed. He looked away from Jazz, continuing to get dressed. “That — that don’t make any sense,” he said finally, sitting down at the foot of the bed. He kept his back to Jazz, his broad shoulders slumping as he leaned his elbows on his knees.

“What doesn’t make any sense?” Jazz dared to ask as he pushed the sheets aside. He crawled over the length of the bed, placing a light hand on Ravi’s shoulder. “Ravi, what’s going on?”

Ravi let his hand fall away from his face and sighed. He didn’t shrug away from Jazz’s touch, instead dragging his thumb along his brow. “Mitch gave me those orders, Blue.”

“That’s — that’s impossible,” Jazz breathed, pulling his hand away from Ravi’s shoulder. His eyes widened, his mind reeling as he tried to piece everything together. “He — he’s a member of the Council — he can’t — he’s not –”

“He is,” Ravi stated, his face impassive. He glanced at Jazz. “Go get dressed. We need to get you back.” 

Jazz wanted to argue — wanted to insist that he’d stay, at least for one more night. But when Ravi handed him his clothes, he took them without question. As he slipped on his clothes, Ravi stepped out of his bedroom, leaving Jazz alone for a moment. 

Mitchel was a member of the Resistance. That’s how Ravi and Mitchel knew each other. Mitchel gave that order, knowing exactly where Jazz was and who he was with at all times. And yet, nothing had happened to Ravi in the past six months Jazz had stayed here. No one had come looking for Jazz, either. It was a long shot, but…

“Ravi?” Jazz called, clearing his throat. “What’ll happen if — if the Resistance finds out I’ve been here and you didn’t kill me?” 

Ravi reemerged by the bedroom door, his expression well-guarded as always. He loosely crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against the door frame as Jazz approached him. With a sigh, he looked away. “Shoulda been dead by now, Blue, if Mitch knows who you are.” 

Jazz squared his jaw and straightened his back, trying to look every bit as authoritative as he could, despite being a good half a foot shorter than Ravi. “Mitchel knows who I am — hell, the bastard’s seen me fucking naked, okay? And if he gave you the orders, he knows I’m still alive, too — because there’s no way that bastard wouldn’t ask about my well-being, either, while I stayed here.” 

Ravi narrowed his eyes, his arms tightening over his chest. “What’re you tryin’ to say, Blue?”

“Let me stay,” Jazz ordered, standing in front of Ravi. His voice held strong, making it easier for him to continue. “Mitchel hasn’t killed you. No members of the Resistance have come after you. Mitchel obviously wants us both alive. And if I go back –” His voice cracked, causing him to wince. “S-Savin’s still — he might –”

Ravi uncrossed his arms and pulled Jazz towards him, holding him close. He sighed into Jazz’s hair, shaking his head slightly. “Blue… You can’t.”

“I can,” Jazz insisted, willing his tears away. He cleared his throat. “Please, Ravi. I can’t go back. I wanna stay withyou.” 

“Lemme talk to Mitch,” Ravi murmured after a few moments of tense silence. Jazz raised an eyebrow, daring to hold his breath as he waited for an explanation. “If Mitch can promise me he ain’t gonna rat me out for keeping you here, then you can stay.”

Jazz nodded, stretching to brush his lips against Ravi’s. “Thank you,” he whispered as he pulled away. 

“Don’t get upset if Mitch says he can’t promise me nothing,” Ravi warned, his lips twisted into a slight frown. “Rather have you safe, and if you ain’t safe here, you got better chances of being safe there.”

Sighing, Jazz found himself nodding again. He knew Ravi was right. He knew that it might be better for him if he didn’t stay. But if Mitchel said he wouldn’t betray Ravi — that he wouldn’t betray Jazz like that, well..

He’d prefer it if he never had to see Savin again.