Personal Problem has reached all-time intensity last night, so there wasn’t much writing to be had today. Instead I distracted myself with tumblr and LJ as much as possible and tried to keep myself functional enough to keep my kid fed and happy. The fact that I ate anything today is an accomplishment. Same with the small amount of housework I did, and the three paragraphs I wrote.

Toyed with the idea of quitting LJI but it’s one of the few things I do for me, so I’m at least making a tiny bit of effort to get my entries in. There are two due this week on Monday. Plenty of time for someone who punches out a 800 word thing in like, 30 minutes when I have the focus and no distractions, but even with the child behaving, I don’t really have the focus right now. I either want to curl up into a ball and die or sleep. Oh well.

The tiny bit of my LJI entry that I started:


You stare at the rings before you. The engagement ring is a little oblong, the corner of it squeezing in unlike the rest of the smooth curves that makes up its shape. Each ring, handmade just for you. Custom design, both of your birthstones sitting squarely in the center.

The wedding band itself is a little better made. The ring itself is a circle and not misshapen, its stones still retaining some of their shine after six years. Again, your birthstones line up, one after the other, three stones in total.

Despite the flaw in the one, the two bands line up well on your finger. They fit; they always have. They sometimes move independently of one another, but they always manage to come back again in the center. A complete set, one made just for you.

She asks that you donโ€™t just throw them away.