Personal issues made it so that I didn’t make a post last night. I actually worked a little on my trilogy yesterday instead of the erotica. My brain doesn’t want to focus on a singular thing right now, though I do have little more than 2k written of Say You’ll Let Me (vol 2 of Say What You Want) now, because I worked on that today. Seize the Day got some of its initial overhaul and I feel a lot better about my writing at the moment.

Haven’t really sold a whole lot this week, but I’m just starting out and it should take me a little while to get rolling with the erotica. I want to have fun and it’s nice to know that I am making money off of it, even if it’s not a lot. 🙂 

My wrist is killing me today, so I will cut this short and maybe write some more of Say You’ll Let Me. Or maybe more of Seize the Day. I’ll figure it out in a bit. 🙂


Ryin didn’t want to think about how the population had begun pushing back against Natural Borns like himself; didn’t want to think about the legislation his uncle had in front of him right now. He shook his head, looking away from Jazz. “The crowd’s not that big,” Ryin insisted, sliding an arm around Jazz’s shoulders and guiding him through the door. “Seen bigger, and you have a voice that carries, okay? You’ll do fine.”

He ignored the way his own chest tightened the closer they neared the stage. How long had it been since Ryin last watched one of NBLM’s speeches in person? How long had it been since he personally knew the speaker?

“I-I dunno, Ryin,” Jazz stammered, breaking into his thoughts once they were just fifteen feet from the podium and standing behind a black curtain of sorts. They could see the crowd just beyond it, several thousand people filling in the thin city streets. Tall buildings surrounded them, metallic and unfeeling. “What if I screw up?” he continued, chewing his lip again.

“You will not screw up. You have your notes, right?”

Jazz nodded, pulling out a small stack of cards from his pocket.

“You’ve rehearsed the speech and how you want to give it, right?”

Jazz nodded again, appearing just as nervous as ever as he shoved the cards back into his pocket.

“Then you’ll be fine, man, I promise,” Ryin said, grinning at him. “You can even think of that guy you went home with last night, if you think it’ll help keep your mind off the crowd.”

Jazz’s face went from green to scarlet, his eyes growing wide. “How did you –”

“I’m your best friend,” Ryin stated, pushing Jazz towards the curtain. “I know everything! Now get up there and make everyone proud.”