Didn’t write a lot today (well, for me), but I did start the next part of the “Say What You Want” series, which should be another 10k like Say Please was. We’ll see how it goes, but here’s the start of it. Not safe for work, etc etc, I started right off with smutty things, so… yeah. 😉


Dustin moaned, gasping as Jess slammed into him over and over. Despite how exhausted he was, he still didn’t want to Jess to stop. He wanted Jess to keep pounding him, to feel Jess’s hot breath on his back, nails clawing at Dustin’s sides and his hips. His arms wavered, barely holding him up with each thrust of Jess’s hips.

It felt like they had been doing this for hours. He could feel Jess’s hand wrap around his cock loosely, each stroke matching each slap of flesh. Dustin couldn’t possibly get any louder, couldn’t go on any longer, but he wanted to be filled like this always. Needed it. Damn near demanded it, the way his body always craved something in it.

“What else — what else did he — did he do?” Jess asked, breathless.

Dustin cracked a smile before a harsh gasp escaped him, Jess slamming into him once more. His arms gave out, and he struggled to push himself back up so Jess could fuck him even deeper. “He wouldn’t — wouldn’t let me — fucking touch him,” Dustin groaned, his cock twitching at the thought of Shawn Baker, medical billionaire extraordinaire, holding his arms in place while he screwed Dustin into his mattress.

The thought, plus the sensation of Jess’s hand tightening around his cock, was all too much. Dustin cried out, whole body freezing as he came hard into Jess’s hand. Jess slammed into him for a few moments longer before shuddering to an erratic stop, collapsing onto bed beside Dustin. The two curled up together, Dustin resting his head on Jess’s shoulder, both still out of breath.

“You — really had a lot of fun with him, didn’t you?” Jess gasped, smiling at Dustin. He ran his hand along Dustin’s bare shoulder. Dustin knew Jess was tracing the bite marks Shawn had left, even though the bruises had begun to fade a day or two ago.

Dustin smiled back, trying not to think of how Shawn had made him beg to be fucked. “Not as much fun as I have with you,” he answered. He brushed Jess’s sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes. “Love you,” he murmured, kissing Jess lightly. “I’m gonna go get a shower, okay?”

Jess snorted, rolling his eyes. “Love you, too. And of course you are, dude. You always take a shower afterwards,” he teased, black eyes sparkling. “We should probably get up for the day, anyway.”