So I wrote over 3300 words today. Of a fanfic instead of my canon for the trilogy. Oops? The fanfic is voice-practice, though. I say this, even though I’ve written a 33k fanfic in this particular character’s voice, before. Except now I think I have a better handle on it than I had before. It always sounded like him, and was always in-character, but now I’m doing some character-bending.

Said character is canonly-gay, but I’m writing a(n eventually) smut fic about him and the cast’s main female character. Who eventually ends up with someone else in the canon, anyway. But the idea amuses me so much. It really does. I ship it, sure, but it’s such a guilty pleasure ship for me. xD I’m having fun, but I didn’t expect it to be so loooong omg. 

A snippet:


“Judgin’ by the way you kissed me earlier, you swing that way at least a little, Princess,” Calla teases back, moving closer to me. Even smiles at me, causing my heart to flutter a bit in my chest. 

“Thought you were dead,” I grumble, crossing my arms over my chest. Pout a little, keeping my eyes off her chest. “That’s different.” 

“Really, Princess?” she croons, letting the sheet fall a little lower on her chest. “You look like you’re havin’ a hard time not looking, to me.”

“N-Not fucking looking at anything,” I deny. Already seen her naked, anyway. Had to, in order to make sure her body was just right. So what if I fantasized about fucking her a few times? Never been with a girl before. Still pretty sure I’m into dudes, not chicks. But Calla… Calla’s different. Calla’s got spunk, a fire in her I’ve never really seen in anyone else before. Love it about her. Draws me to her.

“Suuuure you’re not, Devin,” she drawls, poking me in the chest. Want to tell her not to touch me, but I can’t even move away from her. Not even when she presses herself against me, her free hand on my shoulder as she leans up to whisper in my ear. “You like me, don’t you, Princess?” 

Don’t have the brain to congratulate myself on a job well-done, as I can feel breath against my neck. Close my eyes instead and try not to shiver at the heat of it. Shouldn’t be getting turned on right now. Calla’s not a dude. “Don’t know what you’re fucking talking about,” I mutter, my eyes drifting to her chest. 

“Seriously, Princess?” she says, smirking at me. Her fingers are on my neck. Should fucking brush them away, but I can’t. Don’t want to. “You can’t be that dense.”

Hand lands on my shoulder. Green eyes stare into mine, a faint glow behind them that doesn’t look human at all. Eyes that are soft, understanding. “Test drive me,” she says after a moment, her face unmoving. “If you don’t like me, test drive me. It’d just be more meaningless sex to you, anyway.”

“I’m — I’m not gonna fucking do that,” I snap, moving away from her. “One, never been with a chick before. Two, respect you too much to use you that way.” 

Calla grins, sashaying away from me. Gathers up clothes I had stashed in the corner for her and starts to get dressed. “Sounds like you’ve got a crush to me,” she says, glancing at me over her shoulder. Turns her back to me the rest of the way, letting the sheet fall away from her body. Jaw drops to the floor as my eyes run up the length of her legs to the curve of her ass.

She’s a girl, I tell myself. A fucking amazing girl who also happens to be a robot. A robot that could fuck, if she wanted to. If I wanted to. Put a hand to my chest in an effort to stop my heart from leaving it.

“Fine,” I croak, clearing my throat. “L-Let me — let me test drive you.

Can’t believe I even fucking said that. Calla stops, hands smoothing out her shirt as she turns around, still not wearing anything but a thin pair of panties over her hips. Mouth’s pressed into a thin line, eyes studying me, judging me like I went and said the wrong thing. Do it often enough, you know what the expression looks like. Clear my throat again and keep talking, mouth running even though my brain keeps telling it to shut the fuck up. “Th-That way, we can make sure everything fucking works — and I can fix it before you and Brendan –”

“You’re serious?” she asks, raising an eyebrow. Doesn’t move for a moment before that smirk comes back and she leans against the table, hands spread behind her as she props herself out. “Do you even know what to do with a woman, Princess?”

Close my mouth and frown, crossing my arms tighter over my chest. Don’t know the first thing about being with a woman, but I’m not about to tell her that. 

Why am I even considering it, anyway?