This week, in terms of word counts, has been ridiculous. 13444 total, Monday through today. I haven’t had a 5 day period that good in a long, long time. I think actually having the motivation of making a few bucks here and there is doing wonders for me. I feel better about myself and feel productive by the end of the day, and I’m treating it like work, too. Most of my writing is done between 9am and 12pm, then again between like 2pm and 3pm. Any of the times in between/around that, I write, but I don’t make it my primary focus. 

Thing is, if I had these hours entirely free — as in, no child to watch, I’d probably be even more productive. Still, I’m having fun, and getting shit done, too, and that makes me happy. I wrote 3500 words today, edited, and have my next erotic piece undergoing the publishing process on Amazon as we speak. It should be up sometime tomorrow. 🙂 I’ve officially made enough to get a royalty check in a couple of months already. Here’s to hoping I can make 100 bucks my first month. Baby-steps, y’know?


Derrick’s shout startles me, causing me to drop the beaker in my hand. It shatters on the floor. Never knew how fast Derrick could be, but he’s on top of me in less than a second. He’s shouting something, but I can’t hear it as my vision starts to recede, my fists balling at my sides.

Just like that, I snap, ripping Derrick’s hands off my shoulders. I push him against the counter, my vision still funny. I can’t stop staring at Derrick’s full lips, or how he’s biting them. His eyes shine with something, then his eyebrows wrinkle together in confusion. “Do you — do you smell that?” Derrick asks, his voice thick with an emotion I can’t quite place.

I let go of him, though I don’t want to. A moment ago, I wanted to punch his pretty little face in, but now — I shake my head, clearing that thought away. I sniff the air, an odd, musty smell rising up from below. “Ugh — what is that?”

My question goes unanswered as Christina walks towards us, her arms crossed over her chest. She narrows her eyes at us both, a small frown on her features. Except I can’t even focus on her face since my eyes are immediately drawn to her chest. “I don’t smell anything,” she says, standing between us. She looks both of us over, pursing her lips together in thought. “Why’re you both staring at me like that?”

“N-Not fucking staring at anything,” Derrick stammers, looking away from her. His face is red, like mine must be right now with how hot it becomes. It’s almost — almost… cute, the way he chews his bottom lip and scuffs his feet against the floor. Not sure how he does it, but he stirs up more of that smell, causing a familiar heat to course through my body.

I tug on the collar of my shirt, looking anywhere but at Christina. Derrick would have been the last person I wanted to look at, but I can’t stop staring at his face. For the first time, I notice that even though he’s a twig, he’s still got a bit of lean muscle on him, too. Guess I can kinda get why all of the chicks I work with would find him so hot.

The hell am I thinking? Derrick? Hot? He’s a guy! A guy I wouldn’t mind bending over that same counter he’s leaning against while I —

I give myself a little shake, cutting that thought short, too, and looking over at Christina for help. She’s still lost in thought, a hand stroking her chin. She sizes me and Derrick up, a sly grin forming on her lips. “Derrick, what was in the beaker Brandon dropped?” she asks, bending over to scoop up some of the glass. Derrick and I both immediately drop to our knees, picking up shards of glass as well.

“Don’t know,” he answers, wrinkling his nose. He avoids my eyes whenever possible, though now they seem heavily focused on Christina’s cleavage. I knew he had a thing for her.

“Does it have anything to do with the product you’re currently working on?” Christina presses, looking Derrick in the eyes. She leans forward, pushing her breasts together and I can’t look away from them. Derrick seems like he can’t, either, before he gulps and drops his eyes to the floor, nodding his head. “I thought so,” she says, her grin growing predatory.