My personal goal for today was 2k, and I haven’t quiiiite hit it yet at just under 1850 words, but there’s not much of a gap there so I’m holding my body can hold out like another 10 minutes for me to write several hundred more words. Sometimes not sleeping well really makes it difficult to stay up past 10pm. But I’m having a lot of fun with an idea my bff Sarah helped me develop for my next smut piece for Amazon.

Say Please has sold 4 copies in the first day and a half, which sounds like nothing, but feels like a milestone to me, lol. It has earned me my royalty check almost entirely on its own, y’know? Makes me happy and gives me hope I can make a decent living off of this and have fun and enjoy myself while doing it. 🙂 I don’t expect to make a whole lot the first month or so, but I feel productive in the best way possible and it’s been a while since I felt that way. 

And here’s the beginning of my new project…


If you had told me I’d be a big shot pharmaceutical salesman one day, I’d have laughed in your face. I’m not particularly smart. I don’t think I’m particularly attractive, either, for a guy. I’ve seen the people they hire in this profession. Like my friend Christina Revlin — the woman couldn’t be anymore attractive. It doesn’t matter that she’s taller than me even without heels, her legs and those curves? It’s no wonder she was hired. But me? I’m muscular, sure, more than most guys, but I’m kinda short, and my face isn’t perfect, either.

Except I am one, and I work with the sexiest woman ever. Her sales are better than mine, and that’s why I have to beat her to this sample. As I pull the car into the parking space, I take a look around at the empty, dimly lit parking garage. My car’s the only one here, and I slip out of it, hoping that Christina hasn’t beaten me yet again.

“Already here, are you, Brandon?”

Christina’s voice rings loud and clear in my ears, and I turn around on my heel to get a good look at her. She smiles at me, flipping her long dark brown hair over her shoulder, it shining even in the poor light of the parking garage. I find myself smiling back, my grip on my briefcase tightening. She’s wearing a pencil skirt and a blouse that shows just enough cleavage to be distracting.

Her smile changes into an almost-smirk as she stands in front of me, putting a hand on her hip. “You’re not here to get Derrick’s newest experimental drug, are you?” she said, her brown eyes flashing with mirth. “I’ll have you know that he called me first.”

I snort to myself, shaking my head. “As if,” I murmur, turning back around and heading towards the laboratory. My smile falters.

Derrick Dottin. Possibly the most annoying of any of the lab-coats. All the girls working for our company cream themselves over him, but I don’t get it. Sure, the guy’s got a pretty face — for a guy, but his attitude is made of pure shit. Not to mention there’s hardly any muscle on him at all. The guy never gives anyone more than thirty seconds of his time. Despite that, he’s all the girls talk about. Guy’s like me don’t even stand a fucking chance with Derrick around.

The guy and I have never gotten along. I think he knows how I feel about Christina, and he’s always shoving it in my face. Unlike everyone else in the business, Derrick treats Christina with a grudging respect. He even smiles whenever he talks to her and I’m around. Always gives me these smug, knowing looks whenever she’s not looking.

Christina marches right up beside me, her smirk still on her beautiful face. “You so are,” she said, snapping me out of my thoughts. She puts a hand on my arm, causing me to stop in my tracks. Her knowing smile grows wider. “You’re in a bad mood. You’re definitely going to see the resident Pretty Boy.”

“The guy’s not that good looking,” I mutter, quickening my pace. “And I’m not in a bad mood.”