Remind me that 10k words is A LOT OF WORDS okay? I mean, yes, that 8k version was a behemoth and I loved it, but it required a lot of editing and tweaking and removing parts and adding others and just — I added 1200 words to it when I was all said and done. HOW?

On the other hand, Say Please should be available tomorrow on Kindle, so there’s that? But damn, that thing took me three days to edit properly and I’m so glad I went through it again BACKWARDS when I was done because that allowed me to pick up the small missing words/weird sentences a whole lot easier. 

I did, however, have fun. But jesus, that was work. Tomorrow I’ll start my Idol piece, which, surprise, is going to have smutty overtones to it, too. Because “Hands” plus Savin and Mitchel? Yeah, that can only end one way and one way only. 😉

Without further ado, one of many additional segments I added to Say Please. Please note: Dustin is blindfolded, so he can’t see anything Shawn’s doing.


“Getting impatient, huh?” Dustin quipped. Shawn’s weight shifted, his fingers sliding out of Dustin yet again.

Shawn’s lips were on his, tongue slipping into his mouth before Dustin could so much as protest the lack of fingers. Shawn pressed his cock against Dustin’s ass, rubbing against him as they both groaned into the kiss. “Yes. And if you don’t fucking beg and mean it I’m totally going to just jerk off and leave you hanging.”

Dustin snickered before he could stop himself, grinding against Shawn and relishing the feel of Shawn’s cock against his ass. “You wouldn’t,” he moaned, wishing he could get his hands free and grab Shawn’s ass in order to pull him even closer to him. “You want this too much.”

Shawn laughed, the sound harsh against Dustin’s ear. “I wouldn’t, huh?” he asked, his breath suddenly against Dustin’s ear. He stopped rocking his hips and held down Dustin’s once again. “It doesn’t sound like someone wants to be fucked anymore. I’d rather have a willing, consenting partner.”

Just like that, Shawn’s weight was gone from on top of Dustin’s body. Dustin whined at the loss of contact, his ears straining to pick up where Shawn had gone. Footsteps retreated from the bed, and for a moment the room remained completely silent aside from Dustin’s harsh breathing. He wouldn’t beg. Not again. Shawn wouldn’t really leave him hanging, would he?

His heart skipped a beat when the bed sank again under Shawn’s weight. He heard the snap of a bottle opening and then closing. Dustin tried to get his mouth to work, but couldn’t; not when he heard Shawn groan quietly beside him, the unmistakable sound of a slick cock being stroked filling the room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still come on you, if you want,” Shawn gasped, his voice hardly heard over the sounds of him beating himself off.

Dustin’s whole body ached and warmed all at once, Shawn’s little moans growing louder as he continued to pleasure himself. “I want — I want you to come in me.”

“Hah! I don’t — I don’t think so, Dustin,” Shawn groaned. Dustin could hear Shawn stroke himself faster. “I don’t — don’t fuck anyone who doesn’t — ” Shawn cut himself off with a loud moan, “– doesn’t beg for it.”

He sounded close. Too close. If Dustin waited any longer — he didn’t want to wait any longer. But he wasn’t going to beg, damnit. He had begged twice already! Wasn’t that enough? Dustin chewed on his bottom lip, feeling the blood rush to his groin even more as Shawn grew louder. The older man practically sounded desperate to come, himself. “I’m — I’m getting close, Dustin — if — if you want me to — to fuck you, you better say it.”

He couldn’t, but hearing Shawn get so close and hearing how Shawn’s hand sped up and slowed down — it made him desperate, needing release worse than he had ever needed it in his life. Dustin grit his teeth together before something within him broke at the sound of Shawn’s loudest moan yet.

“Fucking hell, just — please! Please fuck me!” Dustin sobbed. For a moment, it seemed as though Shawn wouldn’t oblige, but then he felt the bed shift and Shawn’s hands on his legs. His whole body tensed under Shawn’s touch, jumping towards him as if Dustin had been shocked. He had never needed a cock in him this badly, and the time Shawn spent lining himself up seemed like an eternity.