I’m not done with the day yet, but I’m still working on that 8k smut piece that’s uh…slowly expanding into an over 9k piece at the rate I’m going. I’ve edited/added 2300 words so far today (probably closer to 2500 but I haven’t added the last batch in yet), which leaves me with like…half to go, jesus. I’ve had to change parts of it that were in one POV into another POV and the like, and it’s a little slower going at times than I thought it would be.

No matter, I’ll push through it. I should be able to finish it tomorrow, put out an Idol piece on Wednesday or Thursday, and get another piece of erotica up for sale by the end of Friday. 2-3 pieces a week seems reasonable for the time being, especially since I’m reserving the weekends for my Trilogy and stand-alone novels. 🙂 

Without further ado, more of Say Please:


Jess sighed, his fingers drifting along Dustin’s back. “I still think you should go for it,” he said after a while, his words blurring together as he yawned. “It’d be fun! How often do you get to meet the guy who owns the company you work for?”

Dustin grunted in response, moving to lie on his back instead of pressed against Jess. He ran his fingers over his hair and stared at the ceiling. “And if he wants to fuck, then what?”

“Well, it’s not like you don’t like sex, dude,” Jess said, his body shaking with quiet laughter. He propped himself up on his elbow, tracing his fingers down Dustin’s chest. “And it’s not like you’d be having sex with him all the time. The ad says it’d be just a one-night thing.”

Dustin frowned in thought, glancing at Jess. He ignored the shiver that ran through him at Jess’s touch and tried, instead, to focus on Jess’s words. “You’d be okay with that?” he asked after some hesitation.

“Yeah.” Jess smiled at him, his hand crawling up Dustin’s shirt and along Dustin’s stomach. Dustin tried to study Jess’s face as best he could; tried to see if Jess was hiding any discomfort with the idea. When he didn’t find any, he relaxed into Jess’s touch.

“When are the ‘interviews’ supposed to be?” He couldn’t believe that he was asking, let alone even considering. But if it Jess said it was okay…

“I think it said 3pm?” Jess answered, wrinkling his nose in thought.



Jess’s hand then moved south as Jess’s lips pressed against his neck. Dustin let out a quiet moan, feeling every nerve of his stand at attention as Jess’s hand wrapped around his cock. For a moment, he just let Jess tease him before placing a hand on top of Jess’s, effectively stopping him. “W-Wait — did the ad say he wanted men or women to show up? Would be kind of stupid of me to go if he just wanted a chick.”

“It says both,” Jess chirped, continuing to kiss Dustin’s neck. Dustin let go of Jess’s hand, gasping as Jess tightened his hand around him. “So are you really gonna do it?”

Dustin snorted before writhing a bit on the bed. “If I agree to it, will you finally shut up about it?” Jess nodded, a wide grin spreading across his face. Dustin felt a smile tug on his lips, too, before it was obliterated by a moan. “No, you won’t. Don’t get my hopes up,” he breathed. He grabbed Jess, pulling the other man on top of him. Jess laughed, tugging off Dustin’s pajama pants and dipping his mouth low on Dustin’s stomach.

He wanted to ask what Jess would do if Shawn Baker somehow picked him, but the question died on his lips as Jess’s mouth wrapped around his cock.