So, you guys know how I said I was going to sit here and outline the Tomorrow Trilogy and try to fill in the plot better/make it more solid?

I did just that. Except, I was intending to keep the original plot in tact across the three books and just strengthen the world-building, so that things made a little more sense. That was part of the critique I received from Chris B., and I took it to heart.

I know I’ve been blocked for a long, long time on the over-arching plot of all three novels. The character arcs? I’ve got down to a science. The relationship arcs? They’re pretty solid, too. But I’ve always struggled with the political plot that essentially drives these characters forward, and for a long time, I thought that was simply because I didn’t have a full understanding of politics.

No, I think I’ve just been focusing on the wrong side of the story. Getting my characters to become Emperors or whatever was eating my brain. I wanted each change of who’s in power to make sense. But then my bff Sarah asked me a simple, very innocent question:

What if Ryin is the one who legalizes the NBs?

And I went, “Well, how the fuck would he do that if he did?”

Which lead to, “What if they already ARE legalized by the time the Trilogy has its proper start?”

Which just spiraled into an idea of having Ryin and Jazz and Savin all be members of The Movement (or the Resistance), their involvement with THAT, more of the Resistance’s side of the story, with all of the Empire’s other political shit as background fodder/fuel for their fire.

Seriously I just changed the whole game of my books in just a few hours of epic story vomiting all over the place to Sarah. I have the rough (political) plot determined for each, have already started to figure out the minutae of Seize the Day in light of these major changes, etc.

It feels like a stronger series this way and it allows me to have stronger world-building AND it tightens some of the plot up, which I was struggling with — especially in Seize the Day and Surrender the Night.

Yay me!