So tomorrow starts the weekend, and my plan on Saturday and Sunday is to start planning out TT a little better and maybe writing small pieces and the like for all three books. It’s not that I’m putting the Tomorrow Trilogy or any of my larger projects on the back burner for the smut gig (I did sell another piece today!), it’s that I need to really think things through. 

Things like plot points and character arcs need to be thought through, and I need to organize things better and space out my time-skips better and figure out which things can be condensed and which ones can’t. Being character-driven makes this sort of thing kinda hard, as the characters tend to take the drafts wherever they want to take them. But some of the major plot points have never changed, even if how I arrive at them do. So I need to keep that in mind.

I did, however, write 1700ish words of my next piece of erotica, Say Please. It’s a piece I wrote like…6 months ago that I’m heavily reworking. It was 8k words long originally, and I’m going to salvage as much of it as I can, but change some things so that it stands alone better. Here’s the last part of the first section (a planned total of 3):


“Did you know that Shawn Baker’s got an ad out in the paper?”

“What ad?” Dustin asked as he emerged from their bedroom and walked down the small hall towards the open dining room and small, boxed-in kitchen. He meticulously wrapped a towel around his head so that his hair could dry a little faster.

“Says he’s looking for a ‘companion,’” Jess answered, looking up from the stack of pancakes he just placed on their small kitchen table. He flashed Dustin another smile. “I made your favorite!”

That thing?” Dustin said, blinking as his brain booted on the rest of the way. He had seen that ad before. Everyone at his job was talking about it — considering that Mr. Baker owned the medical company he worked for, that didn’t surprise him.

“So you have seen it, then?”

Dustin rolled his eyes and sat in his seat. “Yeah, I have. What’s your point, Jess? If you don’t have one, just come sit down and eat breakfast with me.”

“Just seems odd, doesn’t it? I mean, ‘companion’?” Jess said, his smile faltering somewhat as he sat down next to Dustin. He placed a large, steaming mug of coffee in front of Dustin, who picked it up with a grateful nod.

“He wants a fuck buddy. It’s just polite to say companion,” Dustin muttered, taking a sip of his coffee. It burned the whole way down, making him wince. “The guy’s supposed to be this huge fucking pervert.”

Jess laughed, taking a large stack of his own pancakes. “You can’t really know that’s what he’s looking for, dude. I’m pretty sure you can’t advertise for that sorta thing.”

“Guy’s a fucking billionaire, Jess. Can do whatever the hell he wants,” Dustin murmured, rubbing his temple as a headache began to settle in.

“You should try out for it,” Jess said suddenly, looking directly at Dustin. Another huge grin split his face in half. “You’d be perfect for it!”

Dustin raised an eyebrow at Jess before shaking his head, scowling slightly. “Guy’s practically my boss, why’d I want to try and be his ‘companion?’ The fuck is wrong with you?”

Jess leaned forward, pressing his lips to Dustin’s roughly. “Nothing,” he answered, grinning when they broke apart, “Just that you’re pretty — he’d be sure to pick you!”

“He wants a blond, Jess. I have an idea, why don’t you do it?”

“I’m not as pretty as you are,” Jess said, kissing Dustin again, this time on the cheek. He beamed at Dustin, as if what he said made perfect sense.

“Okay, asshole, what if he does pick me?” Dustin asked, turning his attention to his own stack of pancakes. He tried to ignore the bubble of irritation building in his chest. “You gonna be okay with that?”

When Jess didn’t answer, Dustin smirked to himself. He didn’t think Jess would be okay with Dustin showing up for that particular interview — especially not when Mr. Baker was undoubtedly looking for a quick lay and not just a friend.

That didn’t mean the idea didn’t intrigue him, though. Shawn Baker was an attractive man, in his thirties, and wildly rich. At his job, Dustin had seen him once. The man was a little shorter than he was, maybe six feet tall on a good day. Thin, like Jess, though not quite as gangly looking, either. Long, black hair that hung in his face, obscuring anyone’s view of his thick-framed glasses.

But those green eyes? Nothing could hide those — and the one time Dustin had seen Mr. Baker, those eyes of his were what Dustin remembered most. Sighing, Dustin knocked back more of his coffee and closed his eyes.

He almost wished Jess would be okay with him going out for the interview — just to see what would happen.