I’m still pretty pleased with myself that someone bought my ebook. Even one purchase is one more than I expected within that first week, so yay me! I’m working on my third short story now. Actually, it’s finished, but I need to go through it again and do small edits and make sure it’s properly formatted, etc. I’ll likely go over it tomorrow in between edits to one of my favorite smut pieces of all time, and once all of those little edits and things are done I’ll put it up for sale. 🙂

My favorite smut piece, though, is a bit of a beast. It’s 8k words long and I think I actually have to write out a game plan for some of the changes, the details I need to fill in, which I need to change, etc. I’ve already changed the names and changed the formatting of it so that it’s more Amazon Kindle friendly, but the piece is also several months (uh…maybe closer to a year) old, so it needs a lot of work. I actually like that, though, because it means I can make it even better. 🙂 

A snippet from “I Ain’t Never,” which should be available for Kindle soon…ish:


It ain’t long ‘fore he stops me, pullin’ away from me. Without warnin’, he’s climbin’ on toppa me, tossin’ one of my legs over his shoulder while holdin’ down on the other. We’re lengthwise on the couch now, my head up near one of the arms. He’s between my legs, his mouth comin’ down hard on my own, his tongue battlin’ mine as something big and thick pushes against me.

I wrap my arms around his neck, my nails diggin’ into his skin as he pushes more, makin’ sure to go just slow ‘nough for me to adjust to his girth. He groans into my neck, mutterin’ something about me bein’ tight under his breath. It hurts, but the pain’s nice. Feels good, almost. He’s in all the way, and I rub myself against him, feeling that tension build all over again before he can even move.

And move he does. Slow at first, each thrust of his hard, like punctuation. He stretches me, fillin’ me in ways I ain’t never knew I could be filled before. I gasp and moan, my body movin’ to match his as much as it can. One of his hands is on my breast, squeezin’ it and rollin’ the nipple ‘tween his fingers, heightenin’ my pleasure.

Another cry escapes me just as he strikes somewhere deep inside me. I do what I can to get him to fill me more an’ more, raisin’ my hips and bendin’ myself as much as I can. His pace quickens, each buck of his hips causin’ me to grow louder. The storm outside’s been entirely forgotten — else it’s gone quiet outside while we move in tandem.

I feel like he’s gonna rip me in two, the way he moves in an’ out. He kisses me wherever he can, his hands touchin’ me all over. One even dips between my legs, teasin’ that nub again an’ makin’ me scream and shake with pleasure. I don’t know if my body can take much more of it as he pounds into me.

Just as I think I can’t take no more, my whole body tenses, the release even stronger than it was when he used his tongue to please me. Johnathan cries out not long after me, his body continuin’ to move but with more jerky motions, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He shudders to a stop, restin’ on top of me, his head on my chest. We’re covered in sweat as if we had done an honest day’s work, both out of breath and pantin’ like we done run a marathon.