I wrote a thing! I wrote a thing! I wrote a thing

It’s been a few days since I actually wrote anything. I’ve been just wallowing in my own self-pity, trying to gather the mental faculties to stop doing that long enough to feel okay with things. I mean, things are still bad, but my mindset is improving, and that’s good. I’m also playing around with publishing things on Kindle — just smutty things, for the time being, under a pen-name. I spent most of today editing a piece to prepare it for publishing, and I’ll likely publish it on Wednesday. 

What I DID end up writing today is a stand-alone piece, maybe even of the smut variety — I don’t know yet. I just started it, but here’s what I got so far:


“I ain’t never seen the sky look like that before,” Johnathan mumbles as he chews on a stalk of grass.

“Me neither,” I murmur, glancin’ at the dark gray sky. Almost looks black; that ain’t mean nothin’ good. “Let’s get inside ‘fore we get caught in it.”

‘Cept inside’s ‘bout as far away as the edge of that loomin’ cloud. The fact you can see the edge of it’s unusual. Sky looks perfectly regular beyond it, blue and gold as the sun begins to creep down towards the horizon. Don’t know what to make of it. Been livin’ here my whole life, still ain’t gotta clue what it means when the sky turns that color.

Other than run, that is.

Johnathan nods, slightest of frowns on his face as he grabs my hand. “Think the barn’s too far away,” he says, flickin’ his eyes over his shoulder. “Think we should head back to my ma’s. It’s closer. Prolly safer, too.”

“Reckon you’re right,” I says, turnin’ on my heel. I shove my hands in my pockets, grindin’ my teeth together like the grain we need for this week’s loaf of bread. “Your ma home?”

“Nah,” Johnathan says, offerin’ me a smile. It ain’t quite reach his eyes. His fingers brush against my arm, slow and sensual like. “She’s gone into town. Won’t be back no time soon with this storm comin’ in.”