So I finally gathered the balls to look at the rest of Chris’s remarks on Seize the Day. Overall, it wasn’t bad. It could have been a lot worse. Granted, it could have been better, but really, when the word “potential” is involved in the over all critique, then guess what.

I dun did good.

Stylistically, I’ll be looking over my writing to see which things are going and which are staying. His advice to drop adverbs is a thing that I think I’ve been slowly working on over the course of the year to begin with, and cleaning up my character’s language? Yeah, that’s a thing my wife pointed out to me, too.

I disagree with his comment that my characters aren’t three dimensional — however, they aren’t given a lot of time to show the full extent of their personalities in the 50 pages he’s seen, which is not a good thing, either. Not to mention, I need to be less stingy with sensory details.

He did outright compliment my ability to write sexually appealing scenes, however. Considering I’ve only had the one scene, it doesn’t seem like much of a compliment, but still. When I write scenes like that, I do totally seem to think of all the details and where the characters are in space. If I could harness that mindset, it’ll allow me to include more sensory details in general and give my scenes more depth.

So overall, the critique was harsh, but positive. He didn’t outright tell me to stop writing (yay), and he pointed out which things work and which don’t. That’s fine. Those are things that can be fixed. It makes me want to rewrite all over again, but since I essentially handed him what was the first draft and not one that’s been turned over several times, and it was written in about a month — that ain’t bad, y’know?

It just needs a lot of cleaning up. I can do that later. I need to focus on getting all three books completed, but I will keep his critique in mind for the rest of the book. He did say that I needed to think out my world a little more — which, yeah, I could see that. World building and I aren’t really friends, and I was including as much as I knew in this rewrite.

All in all, not bad, and I know what things need to be improved upon, now. Of course, these are all couched in his opinions and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean that the critique isn’t valid, either. It’s all totally valid.

Putting it all into practice shouldn’t be that hard, I don’t think. I just need to work at it. And I will.