Braining both worse and better today. I did write some more of Seize the Day, but only roughly 750 words of it. Not bad, that’s kinda the goal to do for it a day, now, but I would have liked to have written more.

Might spend 30-60 minutes with Pandora and write bits and pieces only done for the length of each song played, ala the Do the Shuffle challenge at writerverse, but my child is still awake, oddly enough. It’s a great writing challenge that gets my mind moving, at least a little. I’ve done 11 of these according to the challenge’s rules, but haven’t done any today. I want to eventually pick five of them and post ’em for the challenge. 

But here’s the first 750 words of Chapter 10 of Seize the Day


“You know, for someone who supposedly knows where the fuck we’re going, it’s been for-fucking-ever since we’ve made any damn progress. Haven’t we been here before?”

Ryin snorted and rolled his eyes as he glanced at his phone. The battery had nearly had it — they needed to get to a public place. To a charging station. “Not my fucking fault the NBEA seems to know exactly where we’re fucking going,” he sniped, putting the phone back in his pocket. He glanced at Jazz, noticing the way he rubbed his left upper arm. “Stop that. You’re gonna open that shit back up.”

“It’s fine, Ryin,” Jazz snapped. He listened, though, pulling his hand away from his arm. His t-shirt covered the bandages for the most part, but seeing the edge of them sometimes made Ryin nervous. They had spent weeks trying to keep that bullet wound from getting any nastier, and now that it finally looked like it might heal… “So, where are we going, anyway?” Jazz asked, shoving his hands in his pockets. They stood in an alleyway, one covered in shadows and where the ground was dirt, not concrete. In the past few weeks, they hadn’t gotten all that far. Maybe a few miles deeper into Capital City, and not in the direction Ryin wanted to go in, either.

Ryin glanced above, trying to get a bearing on the setting sun. Moving at night had served them better. But with the days stretching out longer and longer, they had no choice but to move in daylight. They needed to go north. He knew that. But the nearest charging station was in the opposite direction. Turning on his heel, Ryin gestured for Jazz to follow. “Need to charge my phone first,” he murmured, shoving his own hands in his pockets. Jazz didn’t say anything, but his footsteps eventually fell in tandem with Ryin’s, the two of them shuffling along the hidden alleys between buildings and roads.

They both remained silent, high on alert for any signs of the NBEA or overly concerned citizens who might create additional trouble for them. Jazz tugged Ryin’s cap further back on his head, freeing up his eyes to see and exposing less of his blond hair. “You think maybe it’s the phone?” Jazz asked, glancing over at Ryin briefly.

Ryin’s lips thinned out as he continued walking, taking his hands out of his pockets slowly. He had considered that. Considered that it might be time to give up the phone, despite how many times it saved his damn life in the past. Maybe he had received too many calls — or made too many calls. His uncle hadn’t contacted him in several months, now. The silence had caused a static to build in the back of his mind, to question whether he was truly safe. Whether his uncle wanted him to be truly safe.

That static buzzed even louder, now. Made it difficult for him to concentrate on the task at hand — get the phone charged. Hold onto it for a few more days. Push past that invisible barrier the NBEA seemed to create, as if they knew where he and Jazz were headed, the whole time. Maybe they had to go around, take the longest route possible, double back, move forward in other directions. They couldn’t just plow through the city like they had moved through others many times before. Even when they had arrived at Capital City, Ryin had known that. Had even planned for it.

But he had also intended to rely on his phone. To let it guide them through the city, to the safehouse his uncle wanted him to reach. If he couldn’t use it anymore… if he had to get rid of it, he didn’t know how they’d ever manage to get to the safehouse.


“Yeah, man?”

“You gonna answer my question?” Jazz pressed, keeping his voice low as he and Ryin approached the end of the alley and walked out towards a busy street. Ryin knew the charging station wouldn’t be far, but the sea of people before him unnerved him. “What if they’re tracking us through your phone?”

“Think we’d be fucking dead by now,” Ryin answered, speaking through the side of his mouth. The pushed their way through the small crowd, Ryin pulling his hood over his head. His roots were beginning to show. They’d need money, and soon.

“I guess…” Jazz sighed, shaking his head. “Maybe they’re just trying to figure out where we’re going.”