I finished chapter 9 of Seize the Day and feel oddly proud of that fact. I also write about 1000 words of random snippets via that song challenge on writerverse. I did so many extra songs and still want to do more, because it’s a very good exercise and just gets my fingers moving without me thinking too hard. I like that. 

Other than that, it feels like my life is still trying to fall apart, but I’m doing what I can to keep things together for as long as possible. At least, until things can start to mend. I hope that that they can.



“But Savin is — he can’t be –” Mari cut herself off that time, shaking her head and pushing herself off the couch as well. “I — I need to go.”

“Mari, wait,” Nina urged quietly, following Mari towards the door. “Please, sweetie, talk to me. Savin doesn’t know about his birth — he thinks he was a legal citizen, just like everyone else.”

Mari stopped, her hand on the doorknob. Savin didn’t know? Of course he didn’t know. If he had known, he probably would have never gone out with Mari at all, what with her attitudes towards Natural Borns in the first place. Slowly, Mari turned to face Nina and ignored the burning in her eyes. “You — he could have been killed.”

“I know,” Nina whispered, wringing her hands together. Her lips puckered for a moment before relaxing into a wane smile. “No one suspected — not even when he had my eyes. Other NBs aren’t so fortunate. That Ryin King –”

“– Is a menace to society,” Mari spat, lifting her nose in the air. “They should have approached the school, first –”

“The NBEA isn’t allowed in schools,” Nina stated, loosely crossing her arms over her chest. “That’s why I encouraged Savin to do as many extracurriculars at school as possible. I knew he’d be safe there — maybe have some warning, should his birth status ever be discovered.”

Mari frowned, mirroring Nina’s body language. “Why hide his birth status from him, if you obviously see nothing fucking wrong with it?”

“I wanted him to be safe,” Nina said, sighing. “Children often speak without thinking of the consequences. If I had told him while he was a child…” She trailed off, giving herself a slight shake. “I love my son, Mari. I, too, wanted to go through the proper channels to have a child — Hajime and I even tried, after having Savin. But they denied us, because of my delicate health. If it weren’t for that one mistake, I would have never had a child.”

“You shouldn’t have had a child!” Mari cried, glaring at Nina. “What about his future health? What if he’s inherited more from you than just his eyes, Nina? They do the genetic engineering for a reason!”

“Those reasons are outdated,” Nina said coolly. “My health problems are not genetic in nature. Savin’s health will be just fine. And your baby will be just fine, as well.”

“You talk like I’m going to keep the thing,” Mari muttered, glancing down at her stomach. She hadn’t felt much movement since she had left the hospital — if that’s what she had even been feeling, in the first place.

“That’s a decision that you and Savin need to make together, sweetie,” Nina said, looking away from Mari. “If he’s going to be your husband, anyway. Hajime felt much the same way that you did, but decided to do what he could to protect me while I kept the pregnancy, because that’s what I wanted.” She paused, her slight frown deepening as she turned her eyes back towards Mari. “So please, Mari. When you speak with Savin, at least consider his side of things.”

Mari nodded her head. “I will,” she murmured, placing her hand on the doorknob and walking out the door.