I don’t get writer’s block like most people. I can always find something to write, something to move forward on or to play with.

But my mind says it’s time to return to Seize the Day. I wrote chapter eight, started chapter nine, and stopped. Smaller projects called to me first. Then the partial rewrite of Gray Morning took over my brain for some time. After that? Back to smaller projects. I still have a submission piece I need to finish, but I left it for too long and am having trouble coming back to it. When the pressure gets a little heavier, I’m sure it’ll come back to me.

I work best under pressure, after all.

Since that small project isn’t speaking to me, and I don’t want to write the rest of Gray Morning, that leaves Seize the Day. And I am completely, utterly stuck on it. I knew there were issues with the time-line. I need to get it just right, because I want Mari to be a certain number of weeks pregnant by the time Jazz is shot so seriously Ryin calls for Savin’s help. Shortly after that, she’s going to go into pre-term labor and give birth a baby girl (Danni) that won’t make it, because she’s too premature and the doctors have their hands tied by the law and can’t help. 

So I fixed those. But how Mari figures out she’s pregnant wasn’t sitting well with me, either. So I brainstormed with my BFF Sarah in order to determine how Mari really figures shit out, and that helped, too. Usually, organization and timeline shit, along with something not being quite right in execution are the things that keep me blocked the most.

I have written just over 1000 words already today.

None of them are for Seize the Day but instead snippets of Gray Morning because I did the “write a drabble inspired by a song, for only the length of the song.” I did like… four of those this morning? Three? (Long songs, too — ones that were 7-10 minutes in length).

Clearly, I need something to kick my butt back into gear.  Something more drastic than fixing my outline and everything else. Just don’t know what.

Oh well. I’ll just continue to write snippets of Gray Morning to music until I can’t stand it anymore and force myself to restart chapter 9 of Seize the Day.