So I wrote 1000 words of Gray Morning so far today. I would love to write more, but I’m tired. I don’t have a snippet to post, because I posted everything I wrote with “Don’t Push (Me Away)” earlier today. 🙂

I have an idea of how I want to continue past that one scene, but the characters are being a little uncooperative. Considering that I know Savin is very ashamed of himself and Jazz is borderline terrified, it isn’t bother me that it’s taking me so long to figure out the next sequence of events. Not to mention, I’m writing out of order and jumped from Seize the Day (book 1) to Gray Morning (book 3). But this part begged to be written, and I’m fully aware that I might be rewriting/trashing most of what I write. 

But I need to get this out of my system first. I think it’ll really help me, and I need to do what my heart is telling me to do. This, right now, is it. My life has been fairly crazy the past few months; when my life is crazy, I want to write Gray Morning. It’s just how I roll.