You know what, fuck it, today was a good day for a Wednesday. Added 300 words to Seize the Day and finished chapter 8 before going to therapy. Came home and finished reading for the LJ Idol, which lead to me realizing I was too mentally spent to really write anything of value. 

So I wracked up the rest of my 750 words writing pure, unadulterated smut. Because why not? Snippet of said smut below…


Fuck the script. Fuck how long we should stretch this out. Mitchel doesn’t say anything — doesn’t stop us as I grab Jazz’s chin with my free hand and rub his crotch with the other. Our lips meet in an almost desperate kiss. Have to remember to make it showy for the audience — though with the way Jazz’s tongue runs along my own, I totally don’t think I need to worry about that.

The kiss is fucking electrifying. The kid totally knows what he’s doing, and I’m hard again in an instant and aching to have that wonderful mouth of his around me. If he’s this good with his tongue now, I can only imagine how it’d feel along my cock.

Jazz’s hands trail over my shoulders and along my chest, just as I imagined they would. They even move down my clothed stomach, landing on the zipper of my pants. The whole time, we’re still making out, both of us running out of breath quickly.

Jazz is the one to break the kiss first. Those blue eyes of his twinkle mischievously as he unzips my fly. He even licks his lips as he pulls me free. Even though I know I’m supposed to keep talking at this point, I’m not sure my planned line even makes it to my lips as his wrap around me. I almost forget Mitchel is filming us until the camera moves in closer, watching Jazz’s every move as I bury my fingers in his hair.

Christ, each showy bob of his head is almost too much. I wonder if Mitchel’ll let me come twice on film — we can make a film that long, right? I wanna come all over Jazz’s pretty face — and I’m sure the audience would love that, too. I flick my eyes over to Mitchel and give him a questioning look.

The bastard smirks at me and it looks like he’s just gonna shake his head for a moment, but then he gives me a slight nod. I throw my head back, moaning a little louder and tightening my grip on Jazz’s hair. I mutter something dirty to him, spur him to suck me harder. Except the kid just teases my tip with his tongue. It’s driving me absolutely nuts.

Two can play at that game.