Mine has certainly disappeared. Poof, just like that. Idol piece finished, “Deadlines” finished, 2/4 sections of “It Takes a Very Steady Hand” complete. Even the first 50 pages of Seize the Day have been given a complete once over — and in the middle of a second, maybe a third.

I feel spent. Like I need a day to sit and relax and just plan and plot and look over other projects and let things percolate. I think for June, I’m not going to do the 750word Challenge on 750words.com. Love the site, really do, but I feel that I need a day or two in the upcoming month to not fret about getting at least that many words.

To be fair, I don’t feel motivated to write — but I do feel motivated to do editing and planning. June 1st I can. June 1st. Five more days.

Until then, I need to write. At least another 740 words today.

Hopefully I can eek them out. 😉