So still not done the Pornography Smut of Doom — but I’ve got Savin being hit on by Mitchel and Savin hitting on Jazz? And Jazz in a skirt and heels? Did I mention I have a bit of a crossdressing kink? No? Well, I do…

I swear this silly smut idea is like me poking fun of everything that’s a headcanon/canon for The Tomorrow Trilogy and I’ve just come to accept that and roll with it. That whole “have fun with what you do” and “be fearless” thing from earlier? Yeah, my smut is 99% just for me but I love it and I love writing it and will never stop, even when I have more serious things I should be doing.

Like posting Seize the Day for my betas to look over, oops.

Now, without further ado, Savin being the perviest perv to have ever perved:

I grin at him, rubbing the back of my neck. “I’m sorry. He’s fucking hot, okay?” I say, making sure to keep my voice low.

“I’m well aware,” he murmurs, letting his hands fall away from my tie. Before I can say anything in response, he then yanks me forward by my tie, smashing his lips against my own. Totally makes my difficult situation even harder, as I can see Jazz watching us as Mitchel breaks the kiss. “Do what you like to him — just don’t break the Rule, Savin.”

The Rule. Right. I smile back at him and wrap my arm around his waist, pulling him close to me. “Don’t worry, Mitchel,” I begin, bringing my lips close to his ear, “No matter <i>how</I> hot this guy is, he still isn’t you.

Mitchel just shakes his head, giving me a slight push towards the set. Jazz is still watching us, but looks away the moment I turn my head towards him. There’s a guilty blush on his face that’s utterly adorable and I can’t help smirking at him, too.

“You’ve read over the ‘script,’ right?” I ask him, picking up the lab coat placed over the office chair. I’m supposed to play the role of the devastated new surgeon who had just lost their first patient. Jazz role is to provide me with “comfort.” Sexy, unbelievably fucking hot comfort.

Not the most original thing ever, but hey, who really gives a shit? All people are gonna care about is how hard I fuck Jazz as he —

“I have,” Jazz answers, his voice breaking through my thoughts. He takes an unsure step towards me, biting his lip as he brushes his hair out of his beautiful blue eyes. “Is — is Mitchel your –”

“Boyfriend?” I finish for him, giving him a disarming smile as I notice Mitchel getting the camera set up in front of us. Jazz nods, a slight frown on his face. “Yeah, he is.”

“Is he really okay with you…?” Jazz can’t seem to finish that question, not with how red his face gets all over again. He tugs on the hem of his skirt — and I can’t help taking the opportunity to really study his legs and think of how desperately I want to be between them.

Without thinking, I pull Jazz close, my hand slipping down to his ass and giving it a brief squeeze. Jazz yelps, his face turning the deepest shade of scarlet I’ve ever seen. “He finds it incredibly hot to watch me fuck other people — both men and women. And you? Well…” I lean forward, letting my lips brush just under Jazz’s ear. “I have a feeling if he were comfortable being on the other side of the camera, he’d offer to take my place in a heartbeat.”